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Lice can be gone in one treatment!

I do not indorse things EVER but I hear that lice is driving parents crazy and I have been through it! do not bother with all that random **** from your kitchen or bother asking your doctor for poison to dump into or onto your babies. Go to Walmart and buy LiceMD, a good metal nit comb (do not use anything plastic), and a shower cap. Coat the whole head with the LiceMD and be sure you comb it with a wide tooth comb to be SURE you get all the hair coated, then cover with a shower cap for 1 hour after take to combing every bit of hair with the metal bug comb (wear gloves, and be prepared for a gross out, it is so slimy and filled with dead bugs and eggs) do this til no bugs or eggs come out. Wash hair at least 2 times in the sink tub or hand held shower nozzle and finish with a gental conditioner, and rinse super clean. Last grab your blow drier and the washed out bug comb and brush with a NEW or boiled brush while blow drying until you are certain the hair and scalp are COMPLETELY  dry (the heat helps kill any left hidding) and combed over every inch. The hair will look amazing LiceMD is dimethacone (sp) cousin to silicon and is use in conditioner anyway and smothers the bugs so no live ones will be crawling on you during removal (like with nix) and be sure sure sure you wash all bedding, hats, and head items and you must put all stuffted animals away for at least a week after vaccuming and vaccum again before returning to your child. Good luck and be sure to tell your chils to stay away from other kids heads and report to a teacher if they see bugs on other kids to stop the cycle.

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When our daughter got headlice, we went searching for some environmentally-friendly solutions. We found www.envirobody.com online. They have a great comb, and they're Canadian (as we are!) but have a US warehouse, too. The ones we had used before always seemed to break or to not get all the nits out, and that would mean we'd have to start all over again. Their other head lice products work very well in addition to the comb.

Hopefully we wont' have to use them again, but who knows! Seems like there are outbreaks at the school quite frequently.
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My daughter and I both have lice.  It's only been a week but I am going insane.  I'm a total germ-a-phobe so this freaks me out.  I wash bedding, towels and pillows all day long it seems.  we've tried NIX, and Lice MD and we're still getting live bugs!!!   I even tried flat ironing it and burned my scalp in the process and still...eggs.  What am I doing wrong?  I am buzzing my hair tomorrow..seriously.
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When my son got head lice, we began to search for a lice treatment option....we tried everything from oils to shampoos but nothing seemed to help us rid our son of the lice problem. In fact it began to increase over the months, interfering with his studies and games. Someone told us about the Nit Free Noggins treatment, and we tried it. Surprisingly the head lice was gone in a matter of days....and these people came home too. They use LouseBuster device and have a number of shampoos and conditioners. call them or visit their website. I can vouch for their services.
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