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Light headed, dizzy, etc.

Alright guys, posting here to see if anyone has any thoughts. Sorry in advance for post length, but I want to outline all the results from doctors I've had so far.
Background: For about a year and a half now, I've been perpetually light headed with slightly low blood pressure and raised heart rate. Sometimes it spikes and gets worse, so bad that I feel like I might pass out (although I never have)...otherwise it's just like I have this constant fog I'm trying to fight through. I've tried going on elimination diets to see if it was food related, staying really hydrated, taking vitamins, going off any sort of stimulants and alcohol, etc., but it doesn't seem to fix it (although I will note that it does seem to generally be worse if I consume caffeine, adderall or other stimulants, or alcohol). I also have tingling in my hands and right foot, but my doctors think that's from recent neck trauma from a snowboarding accident that created some osteophytes that are pressing on the nerves in my upper back/neck (this injury occurred well after the light headedness, etc. began). Below, I've listed what I've received back from doctors and I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts as to what this might be. Thanks, all!
Cardiologist: Stress test, EKG, ultrasound, wearing a monitor for a couple days...all seemed to show that everything was fine with the exception of elevated heart rate and somewhat low blood pressure. Blood tests showed slightly high creatnine levels in kidneys and a bit of a vitamin D deficiency (I'm taking vitamin D supplements, but that hasn't helped with symptoms).
Neurologist: MRI of brain and cervical spine showed the osteophytes I mentioned above and also a very small pineal gland cyst (neuro said there's no way that would be causing these symptoms). Also showed mucosal thickening in my sinuses (but decongestants don't seem to help relieve this or my symptoms).
Endo: Blood tests for C-Peptide (0.6 ng/mL), Insulin total (1.54 uIU/mL), Cortisol (6.5 ug/dL), ACTH (26 pg/mL), Hemoglobin A1C (4.9%), and estimated average glucose (94 mg/dL). Endo said the C-peptide and insulin levels were a bit low, but she didn't think it was something to be concerned about nor that it was causing my symptoms, so who knows?
ENT: Said everything with my ears looked normal.
Allergist: Soy allergy, but not deadly. At any rate, cutting soy out of my diet has not improved the symptoms at all.
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HI there
Sorry about your situation. I do think its always a good idea for people with mysterious, chronic symptoms to look into Lyme Disease. Lyme disease can cause a lot of neurological symptoms as well as brain fog. I know from personal experience. The testing for Lyme Disease is so bad, it only detects 50% of cases. Also, doctors don't think to test for it enough, and that's why people with Lyme Disease tend to go a long time without getting a  proper diagnosis. That is exactly what I tell everyone with symptoms that aren't being explained to look into and get tested repeatedly for Lyme disease. Always ask for a copy of your results of your Lyme Disease tests.

Theres a forum right here on Medhelp for Lyme Disease. Would be a good idea to check it out.
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Vitamin B12 causes nerve pain / tingling

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