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Lightheadedness/vision loss and swollen glands?

I've had several weird symptoms over this past month that have concerned me enough to schedule a doctor appointment. The soonest I was able to would be later in the week, and I was curious if anyone else had experienced symptoms like mine. It hasn't been too serious where I've questioned going to the ER (at least not yet), and like I said, any insight would be great. I'm not sure if they're all connected or if it is just coincidental. A little background information: I am a 21 year old female with no serious/abnormal health issues. About 2 weeks ago I noticed a popped blood vessel in my left eye. It continued to grow bigger until it covered the entire corner and was very noticeable. A little strip later occurred in the other but never grew (I had several really bad headaches around this time as well). I have been doing a lot of moving lately so this could have been due to this, but my dad also has high blood pressure so that was originally why I wanted to take a look at it. Just recently however (today), I was sitting down and not doing anything besides talking to a few other people when I felt a strange feeling in my chest, immediately became lightheaded and my vision blacked out for just a few seconds. It immediately went away. This has happened in the past, but years ago (and usually from sitting up too quickly). But I found this really weird. Then tonight I just noticed a swollen lump that's sore under my chin a little to the right that I'm guessing is a swollen lymph node. I'm wondering if these are all coincidentally happening at the same time, or if it is serious and I should just go to the ER rather than wait for an appointment. Obviously if I notice an increase in the lightheadedness/vision loss or any other strange symptoms I would go to the ER immediately, but any insight anyone might have would be great!
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With all the symptoms you are having, I highly suggest you see your physician as soon as possible. He needs to run a series of blood work on you and possibly other tests as well to rule out any serious issues.

Good luck and God bless.
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