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Losing weight

Tips losing weight
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Eat something small and healthy every 2-3 hours. For example:breakfast eat one serving of oatmeal, 2 hours later have a small piece of fruit or veggie,for lunch have a small salad with chicken and fruit, lite drsg, 2-3 hours later have another small piece of fruit or veggie, supper have what everybody else is having just make it small portion. Drink water in between each "snack" and if your hungry before bed try popcorn or small bowl of healthy cereal. If you look up serving sizes for the food groups they are very small. one serving of banana is not the biggest banana on the shelf it's the smallest.Try not to eat too many things that come in a package. You need fresh foods, meat, beans, fruits, veggies and water not soda.
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Drink half your body weight in water every day. No inbetween snack like potato chips, ice cream, and candy. Read labels to become familiar with how many calories you are ingesting. Eat fruit, nuts, vegtables, and wholesome foods not processed with tons of fat. Grease is my favorite but it tears up the digestive system. Stop snacking and eat multiple small meals through the day. Do not pig out at any given time. When hungry, drink water.
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i started slimming world and lost 10 pound in 4 weeks i felt great their range of foods are fantastic it was so easy i always found dieting hard because i do love my food but with slimming world you have sins which where everyday you could have a sneaky chocolate bar if you liked or what ever you fancy
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