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Low B12, shots make me feel worse?

I was diagnosed with low b12. Doctor didn't say I was anemic, but I don't think he ran too many tests to determine whether or not I was.

Regardless, I was prescribed b12 shots. I take one shot per week for a month, then once a month fr however long the doctor thinks is necessary. But these shots have made me feel progressively worse since doing them. The last one was the worst so far. Brain fog gets horrible, fatigue is awful, and I can barely even stand for too long without getting so exhausted that I have to lie down.

My question is, is it normal to feel awful when you go through b12 "therapy"? I've had 5 shots already, and they don't seem to be helping AT ALL. They actually made me feel like things are getting worse!
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Mine was found low upon finding the lesions on my brain, and MS.  They gave me the IMs to take, but did not help, like they said. Most ppl rave about B-12, I don't.
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I've always heard about how wonderful it makes you feel, just like you said, but it's made me feel worse. Those IM shots just floor me for some reason. Usually a few hours afterward, and even up to the next day.

It's getting me pretty concerned really...
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Normally, folks that do the B-12 injections feel immediate relief, I would say you are having a reaction to possibly the preservative that is in the injection solution itself.

There are some different ways that a good, compounding pharmacist can make these, and one way is the preservative free way, that is the kind I have to use as I have so many sensitivities to things. The preservative free is more expensive, but well worth it. There are also different forms of B-12 shots, one is CYANOCOBALAMIN INJECTION USP, Cyanocobalamin is a man-made form of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is important for growth, cell reproduction, blood formation, and protein and tissue synthesis.

Methylcobalamin Injections are the "natural" form of B-12 and easier for the body to handle.

Ph of the solution is very important as well, if it is not balanced just right, it will burn as you are injecting it.

So, you see, there is a lot more to the injections that just picking up a prescription for B-12 shots, the doc and pharmacist really need to know what they are doing. I bet if you were on the right kind, you would feel great.

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I was thinking of asking my Dr about the methyl-b12 injections, just to see if that made any difference. I'm taking sublingual methyl-b12 on the days I don't do the shots, but I  don't notice much from those at all.

I just feel like the dr has missed something. He didn't check folic acid, didn't run an mma, and doesn't really seem to concerned about what's causing my b12 to be so low. I'm not vegetarian. I have, however, smoked for several years (trying to quit now).

I thought after a month or more doing the shots, I would feel better, not worse. My symptoms are just gradually becoming harder to deal with, and I can't get any relief.
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If you are feeling worse, then other labs SHOULD be investigated as well, i.e. iron panel, vitamin d levels, folic acid, thyroid panel, etc.  

What exactly is your b12 level?
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My B12 was around 240, which doesn't sound too low to me. I thought the range was like 200-900+, but I don't know.

Dr said my iron was ok at 81. Ferritin was 43. Last thyroid panel showed 1.95 TSH. I requested a hashi's test just to make sure, but the dr said it was unnecessary, since TSH tests would show a high TSH level. Mine's been all over the place, lowest being 1.55, highest being about 4.6+.

I guess since I'm a male, my iron and ferritin are perfectly normal. I think someone told me that as a male, having high iron is more dangerous than low.
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In my opinion, I would be requesting a consult to an Endocrinologist to further investigate the thyroid issue.  
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Thank you, I'll definitely look into it. I see another dr in 2 weeks, so I'll see if he's willing to run a hashi's test. Either way, I need to make an appt with an endo.
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B12 shots of cynacobolamin are attached to a cyanide molecule some people can’t get rid of. I felt worse until I started hydroxycobalamin shots, however I get really fatigued when I’m lower than 550 in blood and what most people don’t know is when your low and you take b12 your cells start to repair it uses up a ton of your potassium so try eating a lot of high potassium foods for two to three days starting on day you take your b12 it will help. Trust me.
Also our ranges in us are a joke, at 200 you could have permanent nerve damage and if too low you can die. Japan starts treating everyone as b12 deficient at 550 or below. Also if you have one or two mthfr mutations genetic you need way more b12 then the average person. So for instance I have two mutations of mthfr so my methylation is affected and not working 70pct of the time. I do much better when my b12 is in 800-1100 range upper end of normal. If I go below 550 I start walking crooked and getting short of breath. Most medical drs and even some genetic counselors I speak to have zero clue what mthfr mutations really do to your body. Google mthfr.net and websites on it. You can get testing for mthfr through 23andme.com for relatively low cost.
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