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Low B12 ?


I am a 39 y/o female who just got DX'd with low B12 on Friday (9/13) My PCP prescribed 1000 mcg's of OTC B12 sublingual for 3 months then I go back to her to have my levels checked again.....
My symptoms were: blurry vision, tingling in my heels, toes & fingers, urinary incontinence (started back in 06 then disappeared then resurfaced about a week ago) joint pain, frequent muscle spasms & frequent charley horses......

I have an appointment with a Orthopedic Dr on the 18th to treat bursitis in my R hip and an appoint the same day to see my Opthamologist for the blurry vision......my question is could me being low on B12 have caused the bursitis & the blurry vision? I just started the B12 supplements this morning (9/15) so should I cancel my appointments and wait & see what the B12 does for me or am I just grasping at straws here?

Any insight anyone can give is GREATLY appreciated!! This is all new to me!! lol
Thanks in advance!!
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I've read 2000mcg daily of B12 should relieve bursitis pain in a couple of weeks. Your other symptoms are listed possible symptoms of B12 deficiency.  In Japan and Europe, the lower limit for B12 is between 500 - 550 pg/mL. Get your levels up far higher than that!
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vitamin A affects the eyes. b-12 shouldn't affect your eyes that i know of, but the body is so interconnected that when one system malfunctions many other systems can be affected. i would sill go see the doc about the blurry vision. blurry vision can be the precursor to many other disorders and first sign of other problems like increased optic or inter-cranial pressure (which can have many causes), so take it seriously. not trying to scare you, but be on the safe side and get it checked if you can.
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HI, another supplement you could look into would be Magnesium.
"blurry vision, tingling in  heels, toes & fingers, urinary incontinence,  joint pain, frequent muscle spasms & frequent charley horses..."
Your symptoms above are also listed under Magnesium Deficiency.
Google : Magnesium Deficiency Dr. Mark Sircus, and
then google Mg Deficiency Dr Carolyn Dean...
Google Magnesium and blurry vision..
google each of your symptoms with Magnesium
and they will all be there..
There are many forms of Mg.  Mg Glycinate is one of the best absorbable, it does not act as laxative. Mg Oxide is the most common form of Mg you will find at the stores. Avoid this kind as it does not stay in the body and it is the laxative form...
It is safe to take Mg Glycinate but its best to let your Dr. be aware if you want to start on it.
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Thank you all for your replies!!! I appreciate them all!!

I plan on calling my PCP in the morning to consult with her on keeping my appointments! It has been a lil over a year since my last eye exam so I prolly should keepthat appointment anyway!!! :)

Thanks again y'all!!

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