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Low Cortisol levels

I have been extremely sick, hospitalized 6 times in the last 3 mths.
I present with severe vomiting, severe dearrhea, and real bad abdominal pain.
Initially the docs {upper G.I Dr.} diagnosed me with a gastro-bug-virus the 1st time I was admitted.
1 month later I was re-admitted for same E.R visit symptoms above.
Endoscopy was done, and I was then diagnosed with Gastrinitis.
Sent home with Reglan, Carafate, Zofren, Phenegrine, Phenegrine Suppos., Prilosec and Norco.

Once I start vomiting I cannot hold anythng down, including meds, so I go to the E.R for I.V fluids, meds, and hopefully answers with my tests.

This last time almost 3wks ago I went to a different hospital E.R for the same symptoms, for the exception that the abdominal pain was the worst I had ever experienced before.
For what ever reason this hosp checked for cortisol levels. They told me that mine was a 1 when it should have been reading the highest at that time of day.

So, they ran a test on me where they injeccted some form of steroid { I think} in me at night time. And withdrew blood samples at different intervals during the night and early morning.

My levels rose to 23 on the 1st blood test after the injection.
My levels rose to 30 on the 2nd blood test.
By the next morning my levels were at a 2.

At the time when they called in an Endocron.Doc and he interviewed me, some of my medical history was skipped or left out. So I didnt realize some other issues I had been suffering with were possible symptoms. Not until I got home and did an internet search on low cortisol levels, and that brought up symptoms for it.

I am suffering from every one of them for the exception of the skin pigmentation.
I dont have insurance, and I'm really not sure what or how to deal with this situation, or if I do have a situation.

The Endocronologist didnt want to follow-up with me as I didnt have insurance. That and I dont feel he really understood ALL the symptoms I am suffering.

I guess my question is this......Is this something to be concerned about?
Especially since I dont feel\believe the Gastrinitis is the primary problem. I think its secondary to the low cortisol levels, and the issues it causes.

And how can I get the E.R where I normally go to for treatment to test for the low cortisol,to call in an Endocron Dr and not the upper G.I. Dr that they call since they believe my diagnosis is Gastrinitis?

I'm confused, sick, and the hospital I have been to the most is starting to treat me like i am pretending, or drug seeking or something sinister like that.

I have lost 25lbs in 4weeks.

Thank you in advance for any advice, help, suggestions and/or comments.
ah, I am a 38 yr old female
hysterectomy July'08

my other symptoms are:
weight loss, unintentional
fatigue- I will get the kids off to school, and climb right back into bed for 3-4 more hours.
I can suffer from extreme weakness- not constant though
if I get up too fast I feel like I will black out
in middle of afternoon i start looking for bad carbs pick-me ups- coke, candy, anything sweet
I do have times when I crave salty stuff badly. I will buy tostitoe chips just so I can lick the salt off
leg pain
headaches-but who doesnt suffer from those
I always cover up more than others do in the A/C and when out side I'm warmer
very low immune system- I have had back to back upper respitory infections- mostly severe sore throats
I do have asthma, but haven't used either of my inhalers since march'09

and no steroid injections of any kind except for the test the hospital ran 3wks ago
no prednisone
no dose pack, nothing.

these symptoms started June 19th-'09
uncontrollable vomiting
severe abdominal pain
severe dearrhea

and these last 3 symptoms are worsening as each episode comes on. Sometimes I can go nearly 30 days without being so sick that I have to go to the hospital.
I do get sick in between E.R visits, its just a couple of them I was able to get it under control and stop it from turning into dehydration.

Thank you so much if you made it this far!
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