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Lower Right Abdominal Pressure / Discomfort

Over the past 8-9 months I have experienced intermittent pressure in my lower right abdomen. It rarely is accompanied by pain and is best categorized as discomfort. In the rare instance that there is pain, it is manifest as a pulsating dull ache (1 - 3 on the pain scale).
Direct pressure on the abdomen does not increase or decrease the sensation of pain or pressure. Sitting upright at a desk all day tends to aggravate the area while laying down at night seems to ease the pressure.
Coughing or sneezing does not affect the sensation. Physical exertion does not seem to have an effect when under a constant strain such as lifting. The only physical exertion that affects the area is when I am performing a cardio workout like basketball, etc. which it tends to make the area more sensitive.
Fever has not been present during these periods. My stool is consistently soft and bowel movements seem to be regular (2-3 movements a day). Passing gas and bowel movements seem to relieve the pressure temporarily, but it soon returns.
The pressure has become more consistent over the past 2 months and the dull ache sensations are slightly more frequent.
I recently had a couple episodes of nausea after working outside in the heat of the day but I can’t confirm this is directly related since there was a local stomach bug that was being passed around at the time and may have been a factor.
Appetite is normal. My diet predominantly consists of healthy foods including a balance of proteins, vegetables, fruits, and dairy. I do not take vitamin supplements or other natural remedies often. I rarely take over the counter medicines except for occasional headaches or allergy flare ups. My alcohol intake is 2-3 drinks a week, if at all. I am a non-smoker.

As to the exact location of the pressure/dull ache; it is located just above the front point of the right hipbone area and sometimes radiates outward into my side and interior hipbone (inside the curvature). On rare occasion it feels as if the pain is mirrored in my left side but the sensation is so faint that I can’t say this with confidence.

I am currently seeking a new primary physician to help diagnose this issue since I had issues with my last one. Any ideas on what this pressure / discomfort / ache could be?

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Have a doctor rule out appendicitis.  Sometimes it is mistaken for gas or diverticulitis.  Better to be safe than sorry.  It could be Irritable Bowel Syndrome  or something benign.  Because you have a fever with it, I would suspect appendicitis -  it doesn't always have the classic symptoms.
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I am wondering whether this is discomfort is due to arthrtic problems in the hips.  xrays would be able to confirm whether this is the cae.

The other thing that I thought it may be is renal colic due to kidney stones.    If your doctor suspects that, he will send you for ultra sound scan, may be xray and kidney function blood test.

Hope you find yout sood what it is.
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Just to clarify, there hasn't been any fever so far.

Thanks for your input though.
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Hello, I know I am so late to this but I am experiencing that right now! Did you ever figure out what it is? Did it go away?
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Hello~I am thinking it may be due to the appendix. Some folk have what is called "chronic appendicitis" this is where pain in felt in the area, but it does not get bad enough to warrant surgery. I would certainly discuss this with your physician to rule out any thing serious.
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