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Lower back, left hip, left upper leg pain lasting for weeks...possible causes?

Hi all! I'm trying my best to figure out what is going one. A few weeks ago I started with some lower back pain spread equally across the back. The pain was mild until I tried to use the bathroom to urinate or poop. Even the slightest push would cause severe pain in my back and extend to the groin on both sides. I figured I would give it the weekend and see how I felt.

After a few days the pain when doing these actions subsided however then the pain in my left hip and left leg started. The pain extends from the outside of my hip and leg down to the knee. I get this from time to time and it goes away in a day or two after using heat and avoiding sleeping on that side. This started about a year ago.

This time the pain is refusing to go away. It went on about a week when I decided to call the doctor, and it was another week before I could get in to see them.

While waiting to see the doc, I decided to see a chiropractor. She decided it was my sacrum (coming from the back/top of buttocks and radiating down). She did ultrasound therapy, tens therapy and spinal adjustment and biofreeze. I had about 2 hours of relief before the pain came back. I've been using heating pads and advil as well. The pain is when I SIT. And of course, I sit for work.

I've since been to see the doc who says it is lumbar radiculopathy. He prescribed a 5 day course of prednisone and ordered an x-ray. The x-ray was normal.

My pain has since shifted to the back of my left thigh with stabbing sensations extending to behind the bend in my knee. Again, it hurts when I see and lay down but not so much when standing.

The doc has ordered PT as well which I start next week. If after another week I am still in pain, he will order an MRI.

I just want to make sure there isn't something they're missing. Both seem to think it's muscular yet I've not changed any workout routine, had no accidents or injuries. Help!
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