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Lump, should I get it checked out?

Hi, I'm 19. I have a hard non moveable lump under my skin, directly under my jaw line. I can't get a good picture of it but it makes my jawline less sharp on that side.  It's kinda near my ear but not to close. The other side isn't really like that. I've had this for awhile, not sure how long. I don't have any other noticeable symptoms and haven't been sick. I smoke cigarettes. Not sure if I should be worried and have it checked out. Just want to see what people say before I do because it can be hard to get to my doctor.
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Yes, you definitely should get it checked out, and you should probably do it soon. I'm not diagnosing you with cancer, or anything serious, but when you have a hard, immovable lump, it can indicate that.




They all say that if you have an immovable lump, you should get it checked promptly. I honestly don't want to scare you - it could be nothing serious. You should get it checked, though. Let the office staff know that you have a hard, immovable lump in your neck that you've had for however long, and take a good guess - a few weeks? A few months? - and if they can't see you promptly, go to an urgent care.

Let us know what happens.
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Hi, thank you for your response. I have a appointment with my doctor tomorrow. I'll let you know what they say and if anything happens from there.
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Hello~I agree with Emily, you should have it check ASAP, it may be nothing, but when they are hard and immovable, that is a red flag to me. Please do it sooner rather than later, if it IS anything serious, the sooner they catch it, the better.

Please keep us posted on the results.
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Hi. Yeah, thats what I figured. With it being swollen, hard, and immoveable I should get it checked out. I have a doctors appointment scheduled tomorrow. I'll let you know what they say. Thank you for your response.
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One way to not worry too much is to know about the ways that a not-cancer condition can look like cancer. A usual cancer can make a node fixed when it grows right through the node, like sending out tendrils or rootlets. Alternatively, a not-cancer condition can be very inflammatory, so that immune cells create fibers in and even sometimes around a node. Those fibers (fibrosis) can mean that the node stays enlarged for a long, long time - and that it possibly becomes fixed.

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How did it go at the doctor's?
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