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Lump in arm pit

3 weeks ago I became aware of lump in my left armpit, but only because of discomfort, not what I would call real pain (although I have a very high pain threshold). I went to a walk-in centre and saw a nurse on the that Thursday evening and managed to get an appointment at my GP surgery the following Tuesday. At the walk-in centre the diagnosis was a blocked sweat-gland, but the GP diagnosed a swelling in a lymph gland. The GP also checked for lumps in the breast and found nothing. He referred me to a walk-in clinic at the local hospital for an ultra-sound scan, but when I arrived was told that a letter of referral had to be sent from the GP. I was given a letter explaining this to return to the GP which did.  I returned to the GP this last Tuesday as I was concerned that the lump had changed in texture and after feeling it was told that it had got larger and may well be pressing on nerves. The referral paperwork was on the desk and I was told a letter would be send off that day. It is now Thursday. There has been no suggestion of blood tests to see if there is an underlying infection and nothing prescribed.

I am generally very fit and healthy, although there has been some stress in the last 10 months or so. During the last 3 weeks, I have been tired, with headaches and possibly a bit of a fever, but when the nurse took my temperature it was normal.

I am concerned that the GP may not have considered an underlying infection as the root of the problem. I am now finding some restriction to movement in my left arm and try to avoid using it for reaching beyond what would be normal.

I lead an active life both at home and work and I am not used to being unable to do some things. I am also becoming a little concerned at the length of time that this has now been with me. I am looking for reassurance that regardless of the time, things will be get back to normal, even if it means a hospital visit / stay.
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So, again, nearly a week since the last visit to the doctor and no hospital appointment has materialised yet. However, things are improving. I don't have the discomfort that I had before and movement is no where near as restricted as it was. So maybe this will sort itself out afterall.
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I have just received a phone call offering me an appointment at the clinic to look at my lump, but it's not until the afternoon of next Friday 26 Feb. By that time everything will be back to normal. But it seems best to go to get it checked out. So I'll let you all know what happens.
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