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Lump in armpit

I'm very concerned... I noticed a couple years back a lump in my right armpit, I believe where the lymphnodes are. But, I felt maybe I was being too cautious considering my best friend who was only 33years old was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is a survivor but is alway concerned with me. I have no health insurance anymore due to my husband losing his job. And recently I've been experiencing pain where the lump is and my nipple are scaling and peeling on that side. The lump is a lot larger than it was a couple of years ago. I do have fibroids all over my body, but this feels very different. When I sleep on my sides I feel the discomfort and have to switch positions. Laying on my left side and putting my right arm over my head the lump is very hard and large and noticeable. And I'm starting to worry that maybe I wasn't being so paranoid. I don't know any other side effects of breast cancer. Have not had a mammogram, I have implants, and had an ultrasound years ago and they said it was a swollen lymphnode, but they are not concerned, unless it gets larger or I notice anything else. It's been about 2 years since then. And I don't know what to do. I'm thinking of going to county hospital to get it checked out. But, any advice or should I be concerned?
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The symptoms you're describing sound like you should be seen by a doctor.  
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I just spent the last 5 hours at county hospital because I have no insurance and they told me that I need to get an ultrasound and/or mammogram because the lump is big but can not help me on getting insurance to pursude treatment. I don't know what to do...
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OIC.  That's awful.  Insurance issues make everyone crazy.  Is there a clinic in your area that will take low-income patients on a sliding fee schedule?  Sometimes these clinics help fill the gap for people who have no insurance.  Is it possible to get DSHS medicaid coverage or something like it with your state agency?  Perhaps someone at one of the clinics or the DSHS office with your state agency can help.  I've had to do this before myself when I had no other way to get the medical coverage that I needed, including basic health care.  
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