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Lump(s) on neck

Age 15, male. 125 lbs

Alright, well there is a lump like thing on my left side of my neck. It has been there for at least a year and a half (maybe longer). There is like two parts of it, but its sort of like a cyst. They are located in the same area so I'm pretty sure it's definitely related. Its not connected  to my skin, but is connected (as far as I can tell) to my neck. It's not a hard lump, I want to say it is a little squishy but not too squishy. Not large lumps by the way, but not real small. about the size of a dime. They are not getting larger in size (or smaller if that matters) My concern for this is really inflating. What do you guys think? If you have any more questions just ask. Thanks in advance.
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My husband had a small cyst on his shoulder blade that sounds a lot like what you describe.  One day, after about a year of no changes, it appeared red and inflamed.  The next day it hurt.  He went to a dermatologist who lanced and drained it. It was somewhat infected and was fairly deep. It required a numbing shot, so you don't want to try this yourself.  

If it is not growing or itching or changing colors, it shouldn't be a problem. Just show it to your doctor the next time you go.
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thanks, At first I was thinking it might have been my lymph nodes, but I'm really thinking it is a couple of cysts.
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I have two lumps in my neck also, i cant remember the name the doctor told me it was, they told not to worry about it unless they get bigger or unless there hurting me? If they are hurting you, then you need to get to the doctor asap
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yeah i went to the doctor and he took a chest xray and some blood work. Everything turned out fine. Oh by the way, they are my lymph nodes and i have nodes swelling in my neck underarm, and on my upper thigh/groin. Im going again next tuesday about my loss of hunger/appetite. My stomach doesnt even growl anymore. it *****, but no pain. Just some sore areas where some nodes/glands are enlarged. So i have 4 lumps in my groin (2 on each side), one under each arm, and 4 on my neck (2 on each side). Also 2 under my chin. I really hope they find out what this is.
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