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Lymph nodes achy (not swollen) when resting/walking

It has been five days now that my lymph nodes began feeling sore.  It's mostly a dull pain until I lie down to sleep or walk.  The dull pain keeps me up/wakes me up.  The pain can also be felt down my legs to my feet.  Kind of feels like I'm losing circulation.

Before that happened, on a Saturday, I had sex. Mostly protected but one round was not.  Sunday night I tried to see if I could use my birth control at a back up (two at a time and two more two hours later ..I have mercilon).  I was not on any birth control before that (no plans to have sex like that at that time).

I felt okay until Tuesday.  I felt a dull irritation in my vagina (no smelly discharge coming out, no painful urination, no itchy burning feeling on the outside, no strange bumps) so I thought it could be a yeast infection or something or and STD starting to show symptoms (but this was during a long holiday so I couldn't go to a gynecologist).  That Friday I went to a hospital (only doctor open) and the ER applied "dressing" to my vagina on the inside (looked like iodine and maybe monastat cuz there was a little discharge and inflammation).   That doc said come back on Monday when the obgyn is open. So I wait three days.

My vagina felt better, but I still had pain around my lymph nodes and legs.  Fast forward to Monday.  I only had an hour of sleep after waking up from the pain in my legs and stress about it.  I go to the hospital to see an obgyn for any testing to see why my groin lymph nodes are sore causing other leg pains.  All she did was look at my my vagina for 2 seconds, said it looked fine (confirming what I already felt it to be as I saw a doctor for symptoms and they went away) and she pressed on my lymph nodes (which isn't swollen nor do they hurt by touch, but after she bothered them i did feel some pain a few minutes later and told her about it).  She said because of the medication that was inserted in me on Friday hasn't dissolved yet, I should wait for any testing for general vaginal infections or STDs(no blood test out anything was taken) but she prescribed me anti biotics, anti inflammatory, some pills for my stomach (I guess up help me not feel sick from the other pills) to take three times a day (I'm in Korea, btw).

It's beginning to be stressful to me.  As I can't sleep at night.  And can't get good help in this country medically for almost anything (so I just avoid the doc when I can and just deal with any cold or allergy myself).  Right now there is pain in my left, inner thigh near my lymph node like a burning muscle ache and the rest of my left leg feels weird like it's cramping or swelling (can't quite describe it well, sorry).

I've had an STD before and my lymph nodes would swell when I had it and also for certain vaginal infection (begins with a G but can't remember),  but this time, there's no swelling, only mild pain in my groin and my leg.  I've already had the freak out about maybe herpes (cuz I read about lymph node pain, muscle aches and blah blah) and all kinds of other bad things from late night googling, but at this point, I'm just trying to get some ideas of what it could be. Since I can't get any help directly for a another week.

Thanks in advance.
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UPDATE: My lymph nodes weren't bad today.  Maybe the little bit of antibiotics is helping.  I was feeling a bit dry today (there).  I went to the bathroom to pee and some discharge came out.  When I wiped I saw the weirdest discharge I've ever seen.  It was mostly white, but with a very faint pink tint ..and it looked like it had some very tiny clumps in it (looked like tiny bits of unmixed powdered sugar). -_- no clue wtf is happening.
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