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Major Headaches and Body Weakness & Cold/shiver

HI...I got this illness since I came back from a 6wks trip to Asia in February ...came back fine and normal for ten days then one day I suddenly passout when I was in the restroom peeing...I was standing all of a sudden everything grey and all I remember was sometimes later I felt my face cold when I was lay on the floor next to the toilet.  My whole body was cold and I went to bed to cover in blanket and sleep for awhile...2days after that It happens again and I call 911.  They came and I'm back normal but took me to emergency to do chest xrays and head ct scan and blood work...everything was fine....I came home and a few more day i started to have this really bad headaches from the back of neck up to the top and forehead...My body started to feel cold and tighten up at the chest and I feel very dizzy, and my abdomen got sharp pain and growling.  I go to emergency and they check my blood again...did spinal puncture  and everything's fine...i go home.. From then on the constant headaches and body cold/weakness just started to come.chest tighten and I can't breath when it does-feel like someone put a finger at my throat(airway)..I can't sleep or do anything...I go to emergency about 9times now even stay hospitalize for 6days they check my blood, mri my head do ekg on m heart....the whole body scan but can't find anything wrong exept that I have Enlarge Spleen and the blood show i have high count in Hepatitis C...I go to special doctor for that now.  but I see everyone at the office is perfectly fine they walk normally and do everything normally except me.  I know people with hep C and they tell me they don't have anything like me.

Anyone have knowledge or know my illness is please help....because before i was fine and in good health...I walk alot on my job and now I can't walk or sit up at all because if I'm stand up and walk around my body started to get weak...chest tighten up, and feel dizzy...I went to shop one time just to the pharmacy and it act up and I check the blood pressure and it read 155/95/101.   I have to lay down a while and I'm back normal...Also when my body act tighten up..I hands and feet sweet a lot and my mouth is dry and I have to go to pee rite away because I can't hold it.  

Any input or suggestion asap please because I'm almost get my liver biopsy and started on the medication treatment and with my illness I don't think I can't do the liver treatment.  Thanks..
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im really sorry this happened but have you tried any medicine niquil dayquil tylenola if u havent try these things
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i tried all of that but it won't help...i slept after taking it and wake up more heavy headed but then the headaches still there
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