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Mildew inhalation danger??

If you life in a home that has mildew and you are inhaling it on an extended basis, can it affect your general health after a period of time?  My sister and nieces rent a home that has this problem.  My youngest niece was ill and then developed pnemonia.  My sister's asthma is worse.  How can we test the air to see how safe it is to breathe?
Thank you.

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u can call a local health dept and ask
in the mean time; they should all take pro-biotics which u can get at a vitamin store and take super high culture counts of at least 50 billion daily for couple weeks each and see if this does not make a difference.
bleach kills mold so put some in a spray bottle and spray before u leave for the day as u don't want to breath the bleach AND NEVER MIX BLEACH WITH AMMONIA as the gas can harm or kill u
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We just moved from a home with black mold and green. We spent 750.00 to have a mold specialist do samples.  my advice is .. if possible move. if not depending on where u live...if ny area call and report to 311. landlords are responsible. yes, it can make u sick , but it is hard to prove that that is what is making them sick. we had to get a lawyer and it will be a long process . we ended up moving but we still were exposed a year before doing so. it's not always easy to just pack up and go, but it is the best answer. bleach does kill, but  doesn't fix the problem. If you have to stay...  there must be  a leak,Bleach   only cleans what u see and not whay u don't . get the problem (leak) fixed then have it cleaned up.  hope this helps, if you have any other questions please feel free to ask. we have been seeing dr's over a year.
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I was living in s house for 4 yrs and in my back the roof leaked really bad there was a massive amount of mold and I always felt sick but since I moved I noticed I feel better and better everyday. I would get the problem fixed or move
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