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Mosquito bite reaction? Or more serious

I have what I think/thought was a mosquito bite that I got Monday and it became large weird shaped like a balloon shape and was hot yesterday (Tuesday). I iced it and the swelling went down some and I also took allergy medicine assuming I was having a weird reaction to the bite. Today the bite is flat and not hot or as large but i’m noticing there’s a little line coming from it. So a circle then a small line. Should I be concerned?
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Search Google images for "spider bite."  This happened to me just a few weeks ago and it's still not totally better.  If the red area around it becomes larger, or you've got "streaking," which would be a red line that looks kind of like a vein going from the center outward, you should go to urgent care and get some antibiotics - regardless of whether it's a spider bite or some other sort of bite.

Otherwise, keep using ice and apply antibiotic cream, and don't touch it, and keep clothing away from the area if at all possible.  Anything rubbing against it can inflame it more.
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Thank you so much!!
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if the mosquito bite is still itching rub a key on that bite may be it could help you
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Hello, Keep a close watch on it, if it changes size or hurts more, then see your physician.
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