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Moving lump in middle upper abdomen

For the past couple of months I've noticed a lump in my center upper abdomen that bulges out when I lay down or recline.  It sometimes rises up and bulges out of my skin for a few seconds, then drops back down.  It is not painful, even when I press on it.  Today I noticed that when I lay down and press on the area, I can slightly feel it even when it isn't bulging.  

I've had problems with nausea the past couple of months as well.  For awhile it occurred every day, but it hasn't been as bad the past few weeks.  I had an ultrasound of my gallbladder and pancreas that was normal.  I didn't go in for further testing because I assumed it had something to do with my menstrual cycles returning after breastfeeding for a year.

I'm 26 and have problems with anxiety and depression so I'm taking Celexa and Wellbutrin.  2 pregnancies.  I have scoliosis and a "regular" irregular heartbeat.  That's it for my medical history.
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it's perfectly normal. It's called the xiphoid process or xiphoid bone. As you get older the soft  cartilage turns into a hard bone. If you ever debone a backed chicken, you get see it where the breast bones meet in the front.  Mine is visible when lying down, with some people it sticks out more. When I lost weight, I noticed it more, so perhaps with the pregnancy, it didn't show as much. I also was worried when I discovered after losing the weight!
take care and enjoy motherhood, Laura

p.s. some people get stomach aches from taking Wellbutrin, it's a known side effect. Wellbutrin is an SNRI and I found I reacted badly to these with anxiousness and gut pain. I haven't found much that works for depression but have given up on these meds because of their side effects. I find a good pyschologist who practices Cognitive Behaviour Therapy got rid of the anxiety, along with giving up coffee!  
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I have the EXACT same thing post partum and it scares me!! Did you find out the cause?
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Thanks for the comments and info. I noticed my Xiphoid process while laying down. It freaked me out!? However, I can see I am not alone. I feel fine otherwise. I am VERY vigilant with my health especially at 41 and getting older.

Good health and wishes to all!
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