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Multiple bad odors

First thanks to everyone interested! This is long so bear with me :( I can write a book..

So for nearly a year I've been having this strange smell. In fact there are multiple smells! I suspected I had a bad smell cos my dentist told me there was a strange odor and that I needed to address it; still he did not told me what was the smell about. From my friends I started to notice that they often got their hands in their nose. That was strange to me... After some months suffering from pain in my chest, acid reflux, gas, bloating and even a pressure in my chest that at night caused me to stop breathing... That was horrible! Then I went to the gastro. I was diagnosed with mild gastritis and for my surprise I was born with 1 kidney(sonogram, 1st ct scan) and 1 adrenal gland(2nd ct scan).

So as a smoker I stopped... Every time I go somewhere the people stare at me and even make comments. That is detrimental to me. I started smelling a certain smell coming from my stomach but its hard to describe! The thing is that ever since I was a little I could smell a really bad odor from my father. Even if he did not talk the smell came from his nostrils... Sometimes I wanted to jump out of the car in our way to work (construction). What really got me thinking is how my mother never said a thing. Now I have the same problem and it seems that my family doesn't smell a thing from me and say I'm crazy but that cannot be because the people react and go away from me and the dentist told me there was a problem with my breath.

Some months ago I went to the Dr for a problem with my penis for redness, white thing around the head, pain, urinating problems, etc... To my surprise the Dr had this other smell that I have and I can only smell it sometimes but only in places with air conditioning. That smell has a hint of bleach to it. I could smell it from him and for me it was not that strong at all but for him to make the whole place smell like that I guess for others it was pretty strong. He sent me an anti-fungal chewable pills. I got better but some problem persist like red spots and irritation.

About a month ago I went to the infectious disease specialist and internist. He sent me pills for sinus congestion, a cream and urin to clean my urinary tract. That worked well and I felt better but there was a problem. My testicles hurt and after some time I started to feel like a fire and pain in my left side around the pelvis/ribs.

I went to the hospital and the ct scan revealed some problems with the ureter. The hospital Dr said from the scan images that I had an inflamed bladder, intestines and gallbladder. The radiologist document don't say a thing about what the Dr said to me. He sent a smaller dose of the same time of urin because he said the former was a lil bit stronger for me. In the urine there is a type of mucus with bubbles.

With the results in hands I went to the specialist again and told him about what the hospital Dr said to me. I told him about the gallbladder and I told him that since 11 years I've been spitting the oil/fat of my food but I did not trow out the food at all and that I can't stand breakfast if it doesn't have meat. I tend to vomit only the things that irritate my stomach. He said it could be a lazy gallbladder and because of that I had a billiary reflux.

I lost some weight and I told him. He said that I'm 40 pounds under weight. In 1 month I lost 5 pounds! 5'9" - 130p (170p)

So going back to my odor issue. I've done some test. So there are 2 smells. The first one smells like feces or cat feces that comes from my guts. If I eat something like pizza the smell got worse. The second one is a bleach like smell that escape from my nostrils. I noticed that the detergents with bleach smells different for me now. In the bath of my house where they use a lot of it to clean I can smell it everyday and it's not the same bleach smell like before I had this problem. I must tell that I had a severe sinus problem that started after a sharp pain in me forehead that came as a result after an episode of influenza. I could literally drown in fluids and all went to my throat to my stomach causing irritability in it. I used to spit in a bottle but the smell of the saliva smelled like it was rotting after a day or 2.  

I always had problems with how many times I go to the bath so at nights once in a while I use a bottle. One day I noticed that the smell of my urine had a hint of rotten eggs. Now it smells like boiled eggs.

Since in the first CT scan I was told I had old feces in my stool I purchased a colon cleanser. The first time I went to the bath I could smell a fish/rotten smell from my feces and a yellowish mucus all around it. Then after some time I've been feeling this itching from my rectum and the Dr said it could be constipation. I did not believe  that was the case. I've been constipated all my life I think but there was a time when I was kid that I had that kind of itching and my mother told me to use a qtip to try to see if it was a worm. I did and I found a small one... So now I did the same and found that there is a yellowish mucus with a smell of a rotten rat or so.. I can't pinpoint that smell but it's like something is rotting and even using the qtip hurts a bit (inflamed intestines?) and there is blood on some of my stools and in the qtip sometimes.

My girlfriend said that the only thing that she can smell is the odor of an old men. I once detected that smell and it reminded me of my grandmother's house jaja She's been sick too we both got something in the genitalia area. Now both have smooth poop...

Anyway I'm tired and I think I can't handle this anymore. My stress levels went high and because of my missing adrenal gland I get violent as I can't handle the stress... I could feel better with marihuana. My body needed it for me to stay calm (anxiety, hiperactivity) and be happy but I can't do it and if I do it it's a little.

I'm changing my diet and my habits. I now eat more vegetable and fruits. As it's seems I've become intolerant to a bunch of food. I'm planning on removing the meat but I hesitate because I don't want to loose anymore weight.

Could I have a bacteria or a parasite? I help cats and touch them alot and while working in constructions those little devils went to the bath in the sand we used..
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