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Multiple family members sick

Quite a few people in my family got a bad sinus infection at the same time. A few of them keep getting infections. Why are some of the people in my family staying sick? My grandma is experiencing some of the same things I am experiencing. I am worried that everyone is really sick because of me.
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I answered on your other post.  I sincerely think this is more of the anxiety and OCD symptoms you have experienced the last few months hon.  Please talk to your ob/gyn. I'm beginning to worry about your baby once being born as your anxiety is so high.  Sinus infections are secondary typically to a cold and a cold is a virus.  When my family gets sick, it is not unusual for multiple people to get sick.  And it IS that time of year.  
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I keep hoping that my family is just all getting sick because of the time of the year that it is. I have an appointment this Tuesday with my obstetrician. I will definitely be talking to him about everything.
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Hello~I hope everyone is feeling better by now. Quite possibly it could be due to allergies, do you have a fireplace? Many people are allergic to the wood that they burn. It could also just be due to the season, winter seems to be the time when many get colds, flu and other miserable issues.
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None of them feel any better. We do not have a fireplace.
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