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Muscle spasms: How much vitamin and iron deficiency to causeri this?

Saw a neurologisk the other day, because I have been experiencing pind and needles and muscle spasms for the past 2 weeks. I can feel the contractions under my skin, but rarely see them. Sometimes they dorsiflex my foot or  move my hand a little. It's very scary not to be in control og my own body! The neurogist said he wasn't worried, because I her these symptoms all over med body. Hej said it was due to stress and told med to relax. A week lager now, I still get those spasms and occasionally pins and needles. Still everywhere. And now sometimes pain in joints and muscles too. Both soreness and actual pain. Especially in my right hand in the tumb region. It's very strange to me..
My bloodtest showed I was low in iron and ferritin. And my vitamin B12 og D was just in the edge. Haemoglobin was normal.
My doctor said my bloodtests were normal, I just found out by looking myself. Could this still be an explanation even though my doctor doesn't think so..? Started eating more healthy and taking iron and vitamin B and D supplements a week ago. Still No change in my symptoms.
I just really need an explanation or to hear about anyone experiencing the same thing.

Thank you in advance.
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Symptoms of B12 show up in range. I know from experience! I cannot absorb B12 so I take sublingual spray.  Make sure your levels are at the upper end of the range (for all nutrient levels not just B12). I had muscle spasms from magnesium deficiency. Anything from stress to sugar uses up more magnesium. Try magnesium (avoid magnesium oxide which is poorly absorbed). Chelated magnesium is very good for absorption.
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