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My husband

I have a question. My husband went to the doctor in july last year because he had swollen lymph nodes all on the left side of his heat from forehead to neck, they went away after a month. They just recently came back about 3 to 4 weeks ago. Now he has flu like symptoms he is fatigue, weak, tired, blurry vision, pressure in his head, cough, light headed, and dizzy. we went to the doctors and they tested him for everything from HIV on and the only thing that came back is low testosterone... does anyone have an idea on what it could be they also looked at his white blood cells and they are normal.... can someone give me some ideas on what it could be... he's has Ct and ultrasound and the only thing they see is abnormal amout of lymph nodes....
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My advice is to seek a teaching hospital for an evaluation. This is not to say that other hospitals do not provide good care, but some evaluations are more difficult than others, and teaching hospitals are, in my opinion, the best place to be when you have an unresolved diagnosis.
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Hi I have a 10 year old daughter who has experienced that. Every year at about the end of may and early June her lymph nodes will swell all over her neck and head. We figured out that when the cotton wood trees were coming in to bloom. this would happen to her. she also had flu like symptoms. we started giving her honey made in our area and this helped she hasn't had this problem since. I hope this helps. It wouldn't hurt to try the honey. we give her 1 tablespoon a day
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