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My stomach feels tight and bloated after eating

Yesterday afternoon I came home from school, ate lunch, and began to feel a strange sensation in my stomach and throat. It's difficult to explain, but it almost felt like my stomach was flooded and it reached all the way up to my throat. It also felt tight like If I was nervous and couldn't relax it. I thought I was going to throw up (although I didn't feel any nausea) so I stopped drinking and eating anything for a few hours until it went away. For the remainder of the day I ate bland foods and drank small sips of water. I had a bad headache at one point that felt like a ton of bricks were weighing my head down, which could have been from dehydration, but I'm not sure. I stayed home from school today because I didn't want to risk throwing up in school and I barely got any sleep. I was okay throughout the morning and afternoon, having VERY small portions (a few saltines here and there) and sipping water. My mother made chicken and pasta for dinner and I thought I would be okay eating it. I only had a small piece of chicken and less than a cup of macaroni before I stopped. I could feel the food almost sitting in my stomach and had to continuously swallow or else it would come up. My stomach, only a few minutes later, still feels uneasy, tight, and bloated. I definitely didn't eat enough to make me feel full, yet I feel like my stomach is an ocean and its rising to the top of my throat. I'm really not sure what this could be.. I'll probably go to school tomorrow to at least take a test, but then I might go home depending on if I don't feel better. It's very frustrating because I'm already slightly underweight and don't eat much. Now, it's like my body doesn't want me to eat at all.
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