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Natural vs pharmaceutical medicine

I'm so tired of prescribed meds causing more problems than they cure - one prescription leading to side-effects that lead to another prescription and on and on.  Antibiotics are a perfect case in point, they destroy the body's natural good bacteria and yeasts - totally vital to your health and wellbeing, totally.  Not only will doctors fail to tell you that their medications are going to destroy your system, if there is a natural way of treating the problem, one that works BETTER than a prescription, they won't tell you.  A) They probably don't know about it, any more than they know what the full effects of the medications they prescribe, and B) Even if they know about the natural treatment, there's no possibility that they can get a financial kickback if you buy the natural treatment.  

Case in point, fresh raw garlic is a fabulous antibiotic.  It stings at first, and it stinks, but it works amazingly
well... just try it- a slice of raw garlic wrapped in a bit of gauze placed between the lip and gum over a tooth abscess, within 45 minutes the pain will be gone, with repeated application so will the infection.  Your dentist will NEVER tell you about that one.  

If you want your eyes opened, visit www.naturalnews.com .  If you use Facebook you can "like" their page and you will get regular updates to your home page.  Also www.earthclinic.com, just amazing what natural substances can do!  

I am using regular doctors (M.D.'s are allopathic physicians) as little as possible now.  I can't afford an N.D.
(Naturopathic Doctor) so I'm getting my information online, it's easy to find but you have to use your own common sense and do a lot of research before your act.  (Case in point, I didn't read the bottle and used grapefruit seed extract - a natural anti-bacterial/anti-fungal alkalai - full-strength in a politice over an abscess tooth and burned my mouth - the bottle said don't use it full strength in the mouth but at 3am and in great pain I short-cutted the recommendations I found online and I didn't read the bottle.)  Also, natural rememidies in the health food store can be very expensive, so look at the ingredients and see if you can make it yourself using the raw materials - for example, instead of clove oil or extract for tooth pain, get ground cloves and mix with your choice of oil or a little edible alcohol - all easy to find and cheap. Furthermore, if you look closely at the healthfood store you may find that they sell herbs and spices in bulk.  What costs $5 in a glass bottle may be way more than you need and the amount you need in a platic bag may cost only 35 cents.  

I can take ordinary codeine (a controlled substance requiring a prescription - such as Tylenol3), but synthetic codeine (Vicodin and others) give me migraine headaches when they wear off.  I'm finding this to be true of other synthetic medicines.  

The female homones that have caused such controversy... the only way the pharmaceutical companies could patent them was by coming up with a molecule that wasn't natural to the human body.  So all those hormone prescriptions were based on pregnant female horse urine... now they're trying to enter the bio-identical hormone market by transmuting natural substances (wild yams, for instance) into molecules identical to horse homones -- in other words, they'll call them "natural" (not "bio-identical") and continue to sell their cancer-causing poison.  Interesting, huh?

I'm really new to this, but I think it's the medicine of the future.  It was the medicine of the past before pharmaceutical companies started getting patents and got the M.D.s in their pockets (it really got its boost from penicillin, when they figured out ways to make synthetic penicillins they could patent).  

There's a reason why people who eat highly spiced foods have good teeth and don't get sick as often - it's in the spices.  There's a reason why people (most of the world) who poop in a squatting position don't have colon cancer and other digestive ailments (I just got a LifeStep - worth every penny).  

It's time we took our healthcare back from the pharmaceutical companies and their insurance company and M.D. puppets.  That time is now.  
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As for the LifeStep...

Correct me if I'm wrong... most colon cancers are found at either end (bottom in terms of orientation to the ground) of the large intestine.  Pooping in a squating or legs-raised position eliminates much stress from the tissue in these areas during defecation.  I also pee easier.  

I have a wicked rectocele and IBS -- this thing is God sent.  So was the book Raw Family.
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It is so sad how most insurance companies will NOT pay for ND's or any other type of doctor that is into the natural healing mode. I mean, we do have a right to see who we want, but, the dog-gone AMA and FDA has such a control over things, it is virtually impossible to see who we want at times, it is not fair.

Dr Wright, the famous MD in Seattle was actually raided many years back by a swat time, do you know why? Well, it was because he was giving B-12 shots and helping others, I heard that from the nurses mouth, but, that sure was not published. My records were among those that were confiscated. Dr Schults, another wonderful pioneer in the field of herbs has been threatened numerous times to be thrown in jail by the government, why? Because he was actually curing folks of cancer and other diseases with his herbal protocols. He lives in California and still sells products, but, he does not dare tell folks how to use them, why, that is so dangerous, if some folks do not know who to use them correctly, it could really hurt them. It stinks big time.

I have gotten, in the past, many news letters by leading natural healing doctors, and the things they write and expose with astound you. Yeah, folks say how do you know they are  not lying? Well, because I know how supplements work, I know that the FDA would love to get all of them via prescription, I know that if folks get better, then the FDA and its cronies will be out of work. And besides, I guess some of the Md's don't lie??? HA, give me a break. Sure, I know there are times when they are a life saver, but, lets be fair and not gang up on the Naturopaths, etc, and they are ganged up on.

I get acupuncture and chiropractor treatments, they help a lot, but sadly, again, they are not respected, however, most insurances DO pay for the chiro treatments.

You stated that I sound healthy and happy, well, I try, but to honest, I am not always that way, even Nd's are not  miracle workers and I have my days, but all in all, yes, I am very blessed. I am 53 and have never had any major surgeries, I take no prescription drugs, and I take loads of vitamins, minerals and herbs. I see my chiropractor on a regular basis too.

I could go on and on, but hey, why should I? I do appreciate that many people are petrified to change or learn new things, it is sad how many have been brain washed by FDA and AMA. My family and I are renegades I guess.
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Sample of books you get online (.pdf) FREE when you join (also free) NaturalNews.com

Secret Sources for Healing Foods and Natural Medicines
"This book reveals the little-known sources where you can purchase foods, food ingredients and herbal products that very few people know about, yet are critical for overcoming chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and clinical depression. In this book you’re going to learn about where to buy freeze-dried berries that work as powerful whole food vitamins that will lower cholesterol, fight cancer, enhance immune system function, prevent cardiovascular disease, and provide a long list of other benefits.
"But that’s only the beginning. You’ll also learn about a little-known source for rainforest herbs that holds the key to reversing cancer, fighting off infectious disease, and even surviving a flu epidemic. Beyond that, I’ll also tell you where you can get freeze-dried vegetables that you can eat as a replacement for potato chips or fried foods. These freeze-dried vegetables give you the crunchy texture you crave when you’re wanting comfort foods, but without all the trans fats and calories found in typical snacks.
"I’ll also tell you where you can get the best superfood mixes on the internet. These mixes are powders that contain a variety of superfoods with the ability to prevent and even treat chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, clinical depression and many more. I’ll also share the best sources for getting chlorella and spirulina.
"You’ll even learn where to buy quinoa and other ancient grains for just pennies on the dollar. Normally if you go into a health food store to buy quinoa, you’re going to pay as much as $10 a pound for it. I’ll show you where to get it for a little more than $2 a pound! I’ll also show you where to get flax seeds for about a $1 a pound, or where to buy oat bran for a little more than $2 a pound.
"I’ll show you where to get real salt that’s been harvested from the ocean rather than concocted in a synthetic chemical factory (like common table salt). I’ll reveal where to purchase stevia extract powder – a natural herbal sweetener that replaces sugar – at the very best price you’ll find anywhere.
"I’ll show you how to buy sea vegetable powders for pennies on the dollar, and reveal sources of healthy oils like avocado oil and cancer-fighting apricot kernel oil, which some people claim is an outright cure for many forms of cancer. You’ll learn where to get disease-preventing powders like broccoli powder and beet root powder that you can mix into drinks as part of your daily nutrition.
"I know where to get coral calcium at a fraction of the price you’ve been paying in the health
food stores, and I’ll also explain where to get a powerful mushroom blend that works to boost immune system function and even helps fight cancer.
"Unlike the manufacturers of all these products, I am not bound by unfair FDA restrictions that prohibit free speech. I can tell you the truth about these products and what they can do. You’re going to learn exactly how to prevent and treat chronic disease with the most powerful healing foods and natural medicines on the planet."
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It's amazing that people are willing to contact me personally with postive comments about this, but don't want to post publicly. Well, I'm not ashamed of finally figuring out that pharmaceuticals have only made me sicker.

If you, too, think they have often added to your problems (or created new ones), speak up! How else are we going to get the doctors and the insurance companies to see that getting healthy IN A HEALTHY WAY is better for everybody's bottom line.  (Like, fewer malpractice lawsuits.)
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Isn't it interesting? SassiLassie is under the care of a Naturopath and she sounds healthy and happy. I have been under constant care from M.D.s since 1982 (38 years) and I sound angry and sick. That alone tells the story.
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Well said. Now if only the health insurance that costs me 41% of my pathetic income (all that 18 years of medical "care" has allowed me to attain) would recognize that a Naturopath has it much more in mind to get me un-sick than does an M.D. who wants me to come back as often as possible needing new and more prescriptions, then I'd have a chance to see a Naturopath. But wait, if the Naturopath helped me get well, then I wouldn't need health insurance so desperately and probably wouldn't be willing to pay that much for it.

So maybe the insurance companies are not puppets, maybe they and the pharmaceutical companies and the M.D.s who accept that I'll be in to see them constantly needing medications I can't afford are all just very content with greed. Why else would my insurance company cover the synthetic hormones, that are so thoroughly proven to be killers that even the doctors don't want to give them to me (read that "horse hormones" as the molecules of standard prescription hormones match those of a horse - deliberately, they can't patent a hormone that matches a human being), but the same insurance doesn't cover the bio-identical hormones that I can only get with an M.D.'s prescription.
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My main PCP is a naturopath and I love it. I am into all the natural vitamins, supplements, bio-identical hormones, etc. There are no side effects and they work, it just takes longer than drugs.

I have been to a few allopathic physicians, and when I have asked them questions regarding my supplements, etc, they have no idea as to how to answer. I know at times, a person does need them, but, all in all, the Naturopath is the best for most cases.

I have gotten news letters written by great doctors such as Bruce West, Mercola, Dr Wright, Dr Sinatra, you name it, they are all a wealth of information.

The Lord gave us all that we need to stay healthy, it is up to us to use them and know how to use them as well.
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Will have to totally agree with caregiver222.  
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The answer is "maybe yes" and "maybe no".

You are correct in that physicians may not tell you about alternatives to mainstream pharmaceuticals. That is because of the "standard of care" doctrine. In the United States physicians seek to limit their liability by only providing "standard" treatments.

There is an exception.

You must ASK the physician to suggest alternatives.

While garlic is effective against some strains of bacteria, it is never an alternative to utilizing a prescription antibiotic, Delaying use of an antibiotic enables an infection to become encapsulated and systemic.

Natural medicine has a niche, however so-called "modern" medicine is not necessarily evil nor is the practice of medicine a conspiracy.

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