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Nonstop Nausea for weeks

I've been getting nausea for 5 almost 6 weeks now. I get nausea whenever I wake up in the morning, I workout; hence, I stopped going to the gym, and immediately right after I eat or drink anything. I've done endoscopy and did many blood tests. Doctors have no idea at the moment. I have no abdominal pain and had no sex within the last year.
My initial blood test came back normal, with alt being quite high but that was due to high protein intake since I work out. They suspected me for hepatitis, but it came back negative. So I was tested for hernia and had x-ray taken. But nothing was found. They're now testing me for H. Pylroi and I highly suspect that's not it. Because I had no ulcer or anything from my endoscopy result and I'm not sure if the bacteria itself is strong enough to cause nausea right after I intake any food or fluids.
Please help me out, I'm in so much pain at the moment.
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Are you under a large amount of stress? The reason I ask is because stress and anxiety can cause this. Do you have any environmental allergies or food allergies? Have they checked you for Candida?  All of these issues can cause nausea. Have you seen a specialist for this?
Thanks for helping. I have seen GI for this. And no, I'm certain that I'm not under large amount of stress. I've never had allergies before. My diet has been consistent. And no, they didn't even check for Candida. I'll be sure to bring it up. Let me know if you have any other thoughts!
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I am of the opposite opinion to you. I highly suspect that H.Pylori will come back positive to confirm the diagnosis of chronic gastritis. What I don't understand is how come it took them so long to do this simple test. Or they could have given you trial of Losec to come to the same conclusion.
You are correct. My test results just came back. H. Pylori came back positive.
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Wouldn't they have noticed something when they did the endoscopy (such as inflammation)?
Nothing was found for endoscopy. Everything came back normal. Apparently, it's not visible too.
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