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Numb Penis after bout of Flu/Virus

Hi, recently ive had a flu virus, which hasnt fully gone away yet i'll admit. I still cant taste anything, and I feel kind of numb everywhere really, though I cant tell. Being a normal healthy 17 year old this has worried me though, as my penis appears to have gone numb, sometimes as most guys do I have an erection when I wake up... but now I can no longer feel if I do, even if I do. This is only the third day with this feeling... Though I have experienced over the last 8 months or so my glans not always getting as hard as it used to be... I dread ive damaged a nerve or blood vessel. I dont think these two different symptoms have any links but they might. I can cope with it not always being fully "hard" at the tip, but the numbness is annoying me and really freaking me out, and this numbness only came on while my virus was on. Virus symptoms included... (though its going now) Sore throat, banging headache, painful stomach and a very tight chest (hard to breathe etc...) and this numbness came on two days ago after I woke up! The virus has lasted for probably about 5-6 days and im coming out of it now. Please any help or advice will be much appreciated... not just go to the doctors though, as I probably will but would like some idea beforehand! Thanks guys (ps, didnt know where to post this.)
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Should make it clear that this virus wasnt necessarily flu! Just had similar symptoms.
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I would see your DR about it. Don't be embarrassed. You need to make sure nothing is wrong LONG term. I've never heard of the FLU doing that to someone, THOUGH I could be wrong. I'd still see a DR and see what they say.
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Yeah I probably will... Its just my Dr is just one of these guys who brushes everything off though and I feel sometimes, although that can be reassuring, one day there will be something he doesn't get correct. My little finger on my left hand is a bit numb sometimes too... im just wondering if my circulations gone a bit off with this virus ive had. Thanks for the reply though!
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Could be your circulation. You really want to get that checked then. IF you feel your DR brushes things off, I'd get a NEW DR.
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