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Numbness in left part of skull due to forehead(near left brow)injury

I fell and hit my head on a wooden pole (its edges were pretty rounded) and i got rushed to the hospital where i got 3 layers of stitches. It was so numb that I did not realise my head above the top part of my forehead injury is quite numb. The injury happened around 12 hours ago and I had more than 20 stitches. What should I do next? I am 13 this year.
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Did they do a CT scan of your head while you were in the hospital? Most hospitals use a long lasting numbing medication and you may feel weird as it wears of... Kind of like when your foot falls asleep.. that tingling feeling. Any time you have head trauma you should talk to your doctor about concerns. That being said, given the trauma you may have a little nerve damage that will heal with time. If you are vomiting, nauseous, or feel worse, you will need to return to the ER.
No, they didn’t do a CT scan. However, I was all fine when i hit my head and proceeded to stand up like nothing happened till someone started shouting that I was bleeding and I didn’t feel nauseous or anything. The only place that hurts is my head where the wound and stitches are
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Head wounds bleed a lot, hence your stitches. It is normal to have discomfort and numbness. Icing the area will help reduce pain and swelling. Follow the precautions given to your parents when you were discharged from the ER. Keep your wound clean and dry, and it will heal soon. Take care!
Yes, thank you :)
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