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Odd double blistery wound on foot that wont heal

About a month ago I noticed a tiny swollen area on my foot that hurt slightly when touched. It looked as if there was 2 tiny holes right next to each other under my skin and it was hard to identify if it was blisters or something else. I dont remember having any other sort of cut there, however I was outside barefoot in a swampy field a few days earlier. I ignored it at first but it didnt go away and was bothering me, so in fear that it may be an infection I made an attempt to clean it out myself. I used a sterilzed needle and rubbing alcohol to try and clean out any puss that may have been present. Although I didnt notice any puss, I thought the area was sufficiently exposed to the alcohol that it would go away shortly, I covered it with an anti bacterial cream and used a bandaid. It wasnt long before it seemed like it wasnt completely healing but I left it alone and in about a week and a half it almost looked as of the entire thing had healed except it had just gone back to the original state of being swollen with odd patches under the skin. Well its been about a month now and Ive tried my cleaning method twice to no avail, Ive continued using anti bacterial cream and keeping it covered but nothing appears to be working. It seems to have come back a bit worse now and the two spots under my skin have grown larger and the area as a whole has become rougher and more painful to the touch. It worth noting that during this week I noticed a few other spots on my feet which I believe were of the same nature which leads me to further believe that it is some sort of bacterial infection that my feet were exposed to. However, I cleaned them the same way and they seemed to have healed. I havent seen something like this before and although I believe I found a way to heal similar spots, this particular one is just getting worse and shows no sign of going away. Recently Ive left it alone in fear that my low-tech sterilizing methods may be causing its continued reappearance but Id appreciate any help whether it be an idea of what it is or something I could do to try and heal it. Normally I would go to my doctor if something like this got any worse but with this covid mayhem it might be better to try and find a home remedy.
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Hello~I would definitely have this looked at by your GP, it sounds like an infection that won't heal. It seems you have tried things at home to get rid of it and they haven't worked, so now it is time for a medical professional to look at it. Do you have diabetes or per-diabetes, this could also cause the area to not heal, again, this needs to be checked by your doctor.
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Any time you have a wound that won't heal, get it looked at.  My son had a staph infection on a small wound on his knee (rug burn from music class at school).  It got worse and worse.  He had a topical antibiotic at first which did not do the trick and moved on to oral antibiotics.  A doctor prescribed both.  They may be able to treat you over the phone with a picture of it.  I'd call your GP.  Keeping it clean in the mean time is important.  
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