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Often flushing after a glass of alcohol?

I am a Caucasian woman in my 60s who has just begun to flush (cheeks only) after a glass of alcohol.  This began last year for 5 or 6 times in spring 2018, then disappeared all summer, then started up again in mid-fall 2018. I drink no more than 1 glass of wine a few times per week, so it's not b/c of amount.  I have Asian friends who say that they can't drink b/c of "Asian Flush" - they're missing an enzyme that doesn't allow their bodies to process alcohol. Anyhow, I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem? I've been drinking for 40+ years - and this is a first!  Thank you!
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums. We appreciate your question and participation in the forum.  This is an interesting question and we urge you to speak to your doctor. There can be different reasons but one that you would want to investigate fully is high blood pressure. You could also be developing an intolerance of alcohol.  https://www.webmd.com/hypertension-high-blood-pressure/news/20131119/flushed-complexion-after-drinking-could-point-to-high-blood-pressure-risk.   These are things to look into but the best course of action is to speak to your doctor.  Please let us know how this goes.
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Thank you. I met with my dermatologist yesterday yesterday and she said that  my flushing is due to "too much sun exposure" from about age 18 to 55 - she is right.  Consequently, my "veins" are closer to my skin's surface and they dilate when I ingest alcohol or spicy foods. The result is not a completely red face but, rather, "the Lone Ranger's mask" as she called it.  She gave me some samples of Rhofade to use if I plan on having a glass of wine.  Last night, ironically, I didn't flush at all after a glass of Prosecco.  I also had some ice water, too, which might have helped my veins not dilate so quickly.  Anyhow, good news!
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That's really interesting!  Thank you for sharing that.  I'm really glad you got good news and this is so manageable!  Enjoy your wine sister!  It's a nice way to relax from time to time! :>)
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Thanks for sharing this info, it is always good to learn new things, I am glad it was nothing serious.
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