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Ongoing headache

I've had an ongoing headache for about 3 weeks now, I have been to the doctor twice, and was given Naproxen, which disagreed with me, I was told to relax, my jaw is in spasm, the headache wakes me at night, and the pain doesnt stay in the same place, yesterday it was around my left ear and jaw, this morning its at the back of my head.
Has anyone got any suggestions to help it?
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Oh, that sounds terrible.  I've had headaches off and on my whole life.  Things that help me---  high dose ibuprofen.  What you get in the hospital for ibuprofen is 800 mg, which is 4 tabs.  That's what I take.  And then you can take acetaminophen at the same time.  I also do stretching of my neck and shoulders, even my jaw area.  (like opening and closing jaw and moving it from side to side, etc.).  Drop head down on chest and move from side to side holding as you go.  You should feel a stretch.  Take your chin and jut it out and move it side to side, up and down, slowly stretching as you go.  You can get an ice pack and put it where you currently feel pain for the head ache.  Anyone who can give you a massage?  I get great relief through massage for headaches.  I see a massage therapist but even your partner, parent, sibling, friend . . . whomever.  They can give you a massage.  Short of that, you can do it yourself. Massage your own neck, behind your ear, top of your head.  You can get a tennis ball and lay down on ground and roll on it with back of neck, back of skull.  Shoulders as well as this is often where tightness happens.  Otherwise, you will need to look into migraines such as cluster migraines.  

Let us know how you are doing!
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Thanks for the info, they have relieved somewhat, I can go part of the day without any pain and then they come back, still waking me at night, I'm taking paracetomol and codeine, which really help, just paracetomol  dont touch them really.
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