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Overeating, nausea for hours and dry heaves

This is something i have been dealing with on and off for years.  For a good year it was gone.  

Basically i have IBS.  Sometimes i will not go #2 for 3-4 days.  And if i dont go and i over eat, i will get really sick

basically, i'll over eat then feel nausea for hours and hours, when i finally do have the urge to throw up, its dry heaving hours later.

This landed me in the hospital once with the same symptoms and xrays basically confirmed i was packed from stem to stern.  

Lately if i over ate, i would drink a glass of prune juice and 30 min later work out.  Then it would kick in and i would feel fine and have a bowel movement the next day.  But if i eat too late or take the juice too late, i still feel sick because the juice will just add on it.

My primary care and his intern discussed IBS as a cause.  I dont have any pain or bleeding.  I am really getting sick of this feeling and wish i could control it.

anyone else have this?  any way to control it?
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I highly recommend changing your diet. Try reading the  Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall.  Or you can go t his website at drmcdougall.com and it has a lot of information. It is basically a whole plant based diet with no added oils. No dairy, no meat. So it is an oil free vegan diet. You will understand if you read the book and /or his website. Also the DVD Forks Over Knives is interesting. My husband and I have switched to this lifestyle and actually prefer it now because we feel better. I think you would really benefit from it and you are not hungry. It moves food along the intestines faster because plants and whole grains are digested in  a day while red meat takes 3 days for example. We lowered our cholesterol, Blood pressure and it will reverse type II diabetes IBS,, among other things.It also lowers several types of cancers. It is worth a try. If not try metamucil every day.
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Thanks. I just started the Metamucil cvs knock off lol. How many times a day?
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Sorry to be blunt, but you seem eating so much knowing full well how it will make you feel.

The simple solution (which I understand can be quite hard) is to eat small amounts often, rather than have 3 huge meals a day.

Because your body seems not digest foods very well that causes you to get blocked up, has anyone ever talked to you about gastroparesis.  What that is, is the small intestines move very slowly or sometimes stop altogether.

I have pasted the link below which explains in full detail about the condition and how to help yourself.  What it does say is, like I mentioned above, is to eat small meals with healthy snacks I between.  Do not lie down for 2 hours after having eaten anything; this will help to move the food down from your stomach and into the small intestines.


IBS can happen for many reasons, one of which is stress and anxiety, so relaxation techniques may help.

Keep a written log of everything that passes our lips so that you can keep a record of your food intake.  Jot down if you feel unwell to find the culprit food or drink so that you can avoid that in the future.

You can do it because you did say that for a year you had been good.
Depression and stress can made us comfort eat.  If your overeating is associated with that, have a chat with your doctor to help you.  If you do not like to take medication, ask to be referred to a CBT councillor and/or a dietician to help you work out a food plan.

Best wishes.
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Thanks for the tips.mmos there an option to make a movement happen quickly without Ticking a laxative?
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I take it once a day. It helps regulate your water in general. If you have too much and have diarrhea it helps with that, if you have too little and are constipated it helps with that. I have an 8 once glass of water with a heaping teaspoon of it every morning. I eat the Dr. McDougall diet because it is high fiber (whole grains) lots of fruit and vegetables and it seems to keep things flowing better. The diet does state it is better to eat 6 small meals a day. I don't but I snack instead (with a piece of fruit , or later a small amount of nuts (not the salty type the natural type) etc. I think you would do well to read about this and try the 10 day start diet he had on his website. I can't stand milk products any more and I used to eat them all my life. You palate changes as does your normal intestinal bacteria. It is interesting how the body gets used to things. I pay attention to cravings. Anyway, small starts are good. Metamucil, is a small start. I read that milk products actually constipate you. But that is not your whole problem.
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Ended up in the er last night. Turns out I was really backed up. Last night around nine I tried a fleet. Little result. Probably messed it up. This morning I took lactulose gel and an hour later too 2 ducolace.  That cleaned me out.  The er doctor prescribed those two including zofran if needed and colace.

I know I took the laxatives close together with the fleet, so is it a smart idea to wait to take the colace until tomorrow, 24 hours after all this happened ?
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Probably. I would hope you would be cleaned out. I'm sorry you keep getting this. You must have a bowel blockage or something like Jemma said in the other post. Have they done a lower GI on you? Perhaps also you are not absorbing your food. Do you see floating fatty looking stools all the time when you go? Have you seen a GI specialist? I would think you have since they diagnosed you with the IBS. I don't think it is just IBS. Zofran is a really strong anti-nausea drug. I would start out with just broth like chicken and rice soup or broth. Until your stomach settles. Drink lots of water or gatoraide to replenish your potassium. When you do eat stick to small very small amounts, and only veggies and fruits and a small amount of whole grains. Don't worry there are lots of protein in whole grains. How is your weight? Do you lose a lot of weight with all this?
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Colace is a stool softener so I would think that as you have been cleared out by taking the laxatives, perhaps it would be a good idea to start taking the Colace from tomorrow and take the dose as prescribed to you.

Make sure that you do eat roughage foods, like fresh fruit and vegetables, also drinking lots of water and moving about and doing some form of exercise, even if it is just going for a walk, will help with the movement.

If you find the Colace does not work very well, make an appointment and see your doctor again as there are other medications that may be helpful.

Have you ever been referred to the gastroenterologist?  If not, it may be well worth you being seen by one and also help from a dietician to get a diet plan in place to help you.

Are you on any medications that can be causing the blockage?  (just a thought).  I had a terrible problem which was caused by taking pain relief medication and Ibuprofen and because of it, it caused other frightening issues.

The problem with taking laxatives long term, your bowels can become lazy.

If you have not looked at the web link yet, you may find some useful information to help you.

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thanks all.  I take Verapamil 240mg for control of benign PVC's of the heart.  They took chest and abdominal xrays and nothing other than being packed looked out of the ordinary.  Blood work was fine too.  

Yesterday i stuck to rice, toast and gatorade.  had a small amount of nuts and a fiber brownie and a glass of water with metamucil.  Same today, but i had chicken soup, a very small amount of fries and oatmeal.  

I was just worried that i was not getting enough calories every day, i should be getting at least 1595 and the last two or three days i have only had 1400 or so.

Well, at least my losing more weight, even tho its not the right way to do it.

18 pounds down since jan...yay...
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Well I found out that Gatorade is a sports drink, so I do not know what nutritional value that will have apart from a lot of sugar.

The nuts are fine because these contain fibre, protein and the good oils.  Rice would be OK if this was not the white processed kind.
I see the Metamucil is a fibre supplement.  

The chicken soup and oatmeal is fine.  The fries could have been substituted for a jacket potato or baby potatoes boiled in their skins and eaten with the skins on.

I can see by what you have written of what you have eaten is not a good healthy and nutritional diet.  Even if you want to lose weight, you still need the right type of foods to eat so that your body gets all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body requires to function and to stay healthy.

Have a look at the WeightWatchers web site.  You will find some healthy recipes on line.  

You are not drinking enough water and there have been no fresh vegetables and fruit eaten over the last 2 days.  It is no wonder that you are having a digestive problem and getting blocked up.

It is great that you have lost 18 pounds - yay!  But you are going about it in the wrong way.

A dietician will be able to help you or even if can afford to join a slimming class they will be able to teach you the types of food that you can eat lots of and still lose weight.

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Well, it is good you lowered your calorie intake for the time being but as I mentioned you need whole grain rice or pasta, or other non fried starches, and lots of green leafy veggies and other veggies and fruits and lots of water. Dried fruits have lots of calories but dried prunes will get your bowels moving as will  glasses of water or other low sugar fluids. The only reason I mentioned gatoraide is that it has potassium. Since you had cleaned out your colon that day it was ok but I wouldn't drink any sugary drinks normally. They are not good for you. I did mention the DVD Forks over Knives. This is excellent way to open your eyes as to how much protein is naturally in whole grains and also there are lots of studies done on nutrition in this documentary. Also, the Dr. McDougall website is excellent and has a dietician you can talk to and chat groups and lots of people who have had diseases such as yours and recovered and give their testimonials. This is real data not just a fad diet. It is based on the China Study and many other years of study. Just wanted to let you know why.
I'm glad your Xray only showed that you were clogged but I think a colonoscopy or a lower GI would be more detailed in showing a blockage or kicked bowel. Maybe It is all diet. Going by what you just said you ate I can see why you would get blocked without eating some greens and fruit. But perhaps you were just being gentle on your stomach after being cleaned out.
take care,
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Heres another question.  Should i try a digestive enzyme?  Last night i had dinner, and even being cleaned out the day before, i felt as if food was still sitting in my stomach too long.  Will these enzymes benefit bowel movements too?
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