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Pain after angiogram

The pain that I am in was caused by an Angiogram, the pills do not touch the pain. Is this what's supposed to happen when you ask for a health checkup?
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I am sorry you are in pain. When did you have your procedure. Have you followed up with your referring doctor to discuss your symptoms? Where exactly is your pain? An angiogram and a health checkup are very different things. An angiogram is an invasive procedure and a health checkup is typically a history and physical with your healthcare provider. Can you please give a little more detail?
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At 52 years old, friends and family advised a health checkup to make sure nothing was sneaking up on me. I have no idea what should have been done, but after numerous test,came the stress test. Doctor missed first appt. After test the doctor said it was inconclusive and recommended an Angiogram. I was assured by all medical personnel that the procedure was common, safe, and nothing to worry about.
   The procedure started, he inserted the probe, at five inches in the probe came to an abrupt stop, the doctor grunted, he started to pull it back out. I thought he was taking it out, but with 2 inches still in he began to reinsert, but slower. The results were that I am clear no problems.
   Two years later while on an 6 hour road trip the pain started while sitting there driving. It feels like a ice pick is all the way through my hip very close to the spot the probe stopped. Dozens of test( mri, xrays, ct scans, even an sonogram) and almost every doctor came back and said, I didn't see anything, one doctor from the VA said there was a small hernia that was not worth going after.
The pain has been with me for 4 years and 8 months, the pain pills did wonders for all my aches and other pains, but did nothing for the pain in my hip. First two times in the ER, I was given injections, that showed me pain relief was possible. But dozens of visits since, they will only give enough to work as good as the pills. Most of my friends and family are of the same opinion as the doctors, I must be faking it.
Thank you for the additional information. It sounds like it could be femoral neuralgia syndrome. Have you had a nerve conduction study? There could be compression on your nerve causing your pain. I would suggest seeing a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. They would be the best physician to diagnose you and come up with a treatment plan.

I understand your frustration, and am truly sorry that anyone thinks you are faking this pain. Unfortunately there are not any really great tests that show exactly what is wrong. This is the kind of diagnosis you get from ruling out other possibilities from a list of differential diagnosis.

I also understand your frustration with the ER. The goal of the healthcare providers in the ER is to stabilize patients and refer them out to their PCP or a specialist, or admit the patient if warranted. With the opioid epidemic most ERs have changed the way they treat patients presenting with any type of chronic pain. That is not to say your pain isn't real or doesn't need treatment. Most ER doctors are going to refer you to a healthcare provider who can track your care and provide a more in depth diagnosis. Repeated visits to the ER will most likely not result in a solid accurate diagnosis in your particular case.

I wish you all the best!
Thank you, I believe that is the most information that I have received since this thing started. Not sure you really answered my question, sort of kinda I guess. Maybe if the stomach cramps quit, and the pain hasn't stopped, I can convince myself to try again. The cramps were so severe that I am convinced, " Just say NO to drugs", pain or no pain.
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Hello~I would certainly discuss this pain with your doctor, how long ago did you have this procedure? Perhaps it take awhile for the pain to subside.
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When I mention, Angiogram, more times than not, I find myself out side the building, paper work in hand, within 15 minutes. Still in extreme pain and nowhere to turn
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Have you tried a chiropractor, you might have a pinched nerve in these areas and that is the reason you are having such pain, no pain killer will take it away until the pinched nerve or out of alignment vertebrae is taken care of. The chiropractor will take some x-rays of the area, study them and go over the results with you. If he/she thinks you need more imaging, you might be referred for an MRI, the chiropractor will go over that as well and then start some adjustments that will be able to help the pain.

I don't blame you for not wanting to take the drugs for pain, so many have side effects and yes, they can cause the tummy issues you are having.

I hope you can some relief soon.
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