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Painful bump on vulva

I'm a teen and I have not had sexual contact with anyone, so STD's/STI's are definitely out of question.  

I have a very painful bump on my right vagina lip, near the clitoris.  Its hard and there's no pus or anything coming from it either.  I have had it for the past 3-5 days.  At first it was painless and almost unnoticeable; I thought it would go away on its own.  However, it grew larger, and became more and more tender, until it hurt even when I was lying down.  It gets a little bit unbearable at times, and is always hurting.  Even walking is difficult because the bump will rub against my left vaginal lip.  It is sometimes itchy as well.  

I am unsure if this is related to the bump, but I believe I also had a yeast infection for the past week or two.  However, I am not entirely sure if it really was a yeast infection because I was unable to consult a doctor.  

Its difficult for me to consult a doctor about this because my dad is a physician, thus the family doctor as well.  I have no means of transportation to see a different doctor, nor do I have the money to do so.  Its extremely embarrassing as well as awkward to consult my dad about my genital health.
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sounds like an ingrown hair to me - my partner gets those once in a while as well, and the only way to get it fixed is to have a doctor drain it properly - if your dad is a physician, then he will know exactly what to do, and if he is a dad like me, then not knowing his daughter has a discomfort that could be so easily fixed especially by him would break his heart!  Don't be afraid to ask him - it is not uncommon at all, and remember, he probably changed your diapers before, so don't be shy!

Please ask him about it - I know its embarrassing, but from a fathers perspective, it hurts to think that my daughter is hurting when he as your dad could so easily help you!! :)

It would make him feel good that he could help you, and you had the confidence in him to let him help you!
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Its probably a Ph imbalance from your yeast infection.I had those too when I was somewhat younger, they go away and aren't an STD! I'm pregnant so I could ask my doctor what it,is? If it persists ask your dad. It's embarrassing but it keeps you healthy getting advice!
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And if you have personal questions feel free to message me!
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