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Painful sex

For the past four years I have painful and uncomfortable sex. With no decrease in the sharp/burning pain, I went to two separate doctors to test for STDs and all came up negative, along with yeast infection treatments. Furthermore, I also stopped birth control thinking this may have started it all. Now I feel I have tried it all, and still no cure. It is starting to frustrate me because not only does it hurt the inside wall of my vagina (towards the entrance/g-spot), but I can't get sexually aroused. I am starting to wonder if atrophic vaginitis is what I have! Would anyone be able to tell me some of their symptoms relating to atrophic vaginitis, or if this sounds like something else, such as a hormonal imbalance? My ultimate goal is to be able to enjoy sex like a normal young adult.

Thank you very much!

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It possibly may be Endometriosis that is causing the painful sex.
Hope you get checked out if this is what is causing your problem and if so a small operation to get rid of the endometriosis may help.  

A UK programme called Embarrassing Bodies showed a 23 year old who experienced very painful sex and on examination it was found that she did have  Endometriosis.

Hope you get your problem diagnosed so that it can be treated appropriately.

Best wishes.

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Sepia might help you.  It is recommended for female problems of all types.  it's available at health food stores and comes in a little tube about the size of a chap stick.  I wish i had known about Sepia years ago.  Am taking it now in my old age for dryness in the vaginal area.  Seems to help.
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I'm wondering about vaginismus???...  maybe check with your ob/gyn about this possibility. I work for a couple of PT's who actually treat this with therapy.  They have some really great results.


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I have pain in my lower right pelvic area and i have had it for years and when i have sex with my fiance there are times where i am ok and there are times where i start crying because it hurts so bad. i have HPV type 16&18 (can cause cervical cancer), i also have P.C.O.S Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which hurts very bad at times and now the doctor thinks i probably have Endometriosis... I would go to your OBGYN or get a 3rd opinion, i have been to 4 different ones because a cpl of them focused more on my weight than my actual issue (Pain)... with all that i have majorly abnormal periods which become super unbearbale at times...  So i reccomend fighting for more answers as i did because you deserve to know whats going on with your body, i understand when you cant enjoy your sex life because of all the pain. I hope you can get an answer or some sort of results soon. take care.
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You should see your doctor about this.
Your doctor can take a blood test to check your hormone levels.
He can also prescribe a hormone cream to apply to the vagina.

Being tired, anxious, worried about anything, or feeling depressed can affect the libido.  Some medications can also affect the libido too.

Rather than getting straight in there, stimulate other areas of your body to help you get aroused.  The "G" spot is not the only place that you can get pleasure from by touch.  If you are not ready for sex and not well stimulated and lubricated, then it will hurt.  Make sure that you use a lubricating gel too if you do not produce enough lubrication yourself.

See your doctor to check your hormone levels, and whether a hormone cream will help.

Best wishes.
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