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Painful to touch around eyebrows - anyone else??

Off and on I experience pain along my eyebrows or just above them (to touch).  It almost feels like pressing on a bruise.  There is no lump or mark to see or feel, just the pain somedays (but not all days).  It comes in different spots along my eyebrows on different days.  Makes me nervous as I have been struggling with anxiety and do the usual worrying about it, like thinking it's  the beginning signs of something ominous. Hoping someone can give me some insight to put my mind at ease.

Thanks for your help.
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I have a similar thing. It started with a tired feeling above my brows during a sinus infection. It then evolved into a weird-feeling spot on the left brow, and then after that it spread itself all the way across my forehead and up onto my scalp. For me it is clearly muscle tension. I feel the muscles tense to express my brows. At one point it even affected the mobility of my eye a little! At its worst lately it has been painfully tight and caused headaches as well.
My doctor said it could be tension caused by sinus pressure that snowballed with time or just stress tension. So I wouldn't be surprised if you may have tension causing painful spots because of anxiety/stress.
Relaxation helps, a cool gel eye mask on the area soothes, and I've even had a sinus/facial massage on the area. Hope this helps.
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I had the same pain, across my brows and sinus pressure, but it turned out to be giantism/ agromegaly.
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WOW guys!  I currently have pain and tenderness under both eyebrows....but it hurts only when I touch the area.  But the thing is.....when I touch the area the pain is quite present and it really hurts!  I noticed it when I was putting on my eye makeup about a week ago.  I have never had this before but it is very real!  Should I be concerned?
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I have same thing and once it looked like the area had a burn on it but not this time.  Hurts like hell when pressed but I don't feel a lump or bump.  Weird.  Comes and goes too.
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If you've ruled out a sinus infection, have you been checked for TMJ? Often people with anxiety, like myself, tense their jaw without realizing it, and if your teeth aren't in perfect alignment it can cause the really sensitive pains in the cheekbones, eyebrows, and temporal areas. Try keeping your hands vertical, fingers together, and with light to medium pressure use the natural oils on your skin to rub your skin and underlying myofascial tissue upward starting at the base of the ear and slowly moving all the way up the jawline and following the temporal muscles all the way to the top of the head. It shouldn't take less than 30 seconds, take your time. The motion, without pressing too hard inward, helps release the tense muscles that lie deep within. I, personally, experience relief in spite of the severe sharp pain when those areas are massaged. You can also pinch lightly along your brow line and smooth them out with your fingertip afterward in order to experience some relief.
yourcomment is exactly what im going through right now! Glad i kept reading cause now i kniw why my briw hurts.  I keep catching myself tensing up my jaw or wgatever!
I’m going through this right now.  I have a small spot above my right eyebrow that hurts as if I’ve been bit by something.  There’s no bite there.  It feels tight like pressure, and if I touch it, it feels like a bruise.  If I rub my finger over it, it feels like a pinching.   The area is literally as small as the circle end of a pencil eraser.  
Of course I’m paranoid, thinking it’s some sort of serious problem.  
I was shocked to see how many people had the same problem.
So,  either there is a logical medical reason, or we are all some big science experiment for some other planet.  LOL
It is likely your sinus and if so likely it was always painful to the touch until you located it. If so it is not serious. See doc for a diagnosis instead of irritating it and getting paranoid from self diagnosis.
I believe sinus pain would be where your sinuses are, which would be the top areas of your cheeks and near your nose and right above your top row of teeth.  Not sure it would be at the eyebrow.  I think that's just one of those sore spots on everyone, isn't it?
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Hi there, we have the same experience. I have a pain above my eyebrow and when I touch it, it is painful and i feel anxiety and I think this is not normal to us and may  I know what is the cure for this unknown disease ?
I have the same pain above my right eyebrow! And it hurts if I want to plug out my eyebrows :(
I having the same pain. It seems to be coming from the bone, skin or muscle right above my brow where it starts. I have been fighting a sinus infection for several months. Have been on 2 courses of antibotics. I think it must be related to that. Have an appointment with ENT scheduled.
This is a very old thread and I just read the first post and the last 3. Your sinus runs along this area above the eyebrows and just because it hurts doesn't mean it is an infection.
They could be stuffed up and the resulting pressure hurts to the touch. Mine are always sore to the touch and that is what the doc said it was. You can take a sinutab if you get a headache from it, otherwise unless there is an infection (which I have never had so don't know anything about) then headache is all it is.I NEVER bother touching them and ignore the soreness since it is just allergy stuffiness and isn't sore unless I push on it, which seems to be what most people on this thread are doing and worrying about after they feel pain.

It has nothing to do with anxiety. Anxiety is your mind worrying about something to the point that it makes you over-analyze your body. The more you worry and touch sore spots that you never realized existed before, the more you will increase your anxiety. One way ot reduce anxiety is to stop worrying about something that frightens you - if you can stop. soe can and others can't get the fear out of their head, which is natural, so in that case it is best to see a therapist because they might be able to find a way for you to come to grips with the fear and give it up.
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Mine also hurts but it starts when i play my mobile games then i take a 1h nap then its gone weird. It happens since a week ago
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Btw my tooth at the very back is coming out...
Nael3838 It is likely your sinus and if so likely it was always painful to the touch until you located it. Self diagnosing without any medical training that it is cured by playing a video game is like most self-diagnosis - not correct.
Sorry you said the game causes it then the nap cures it. It is still not possible that a game causes sinus pain.
Likely it just goes away after an hour whether you nap or not. Or you can take a sinus med like Sinutab if it doesn't go away. Some sinus meds are non-drowsy, but some aren't in order to help you sleep it off.
There are a lot of natural sinus remedies that you don't have to worry about being either stimulating or sedating -- pharmaceutical products are virtually always one or the other.
Oh, and the games you play -- you might be having neck pain.  This is becoming more and more common with the habit of constantly checking cell phones and working on computers.  When you bend the head forward, it puts more weight on the discs in your neck, and can also aggravate any pain you're having from the sinus. It can also be a vision problem as many people get headache pain from looking at computer screens and the lighting they use.  And you also mention a tooth problem -- if you have a bad tooth, that will also cause pain as there are nerve running along the area of your mouth.
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I have this issue as you describe it, hurts like a bad bruise between my eyebrows if I touch it.  It happens from time to time.   For me, it is not a sinus infection.  By accident I discovered that taking a magnesium supplement will correct it within 3 or 4 days.  I take 250 to 500 mg of magnesium citrate.    I guess in my case it is a deficiency.  After it stops hurting, eventually I forget and stop taking the supplement and it happens again months later.   Rinse and repeat.  That's my experience.
Oh, that's interesting.  I hadn't thought of that.  I had this and it was a hair follicle that was infected in my eyebrow (so sexy).  But that's very true.  Our sinuses are right there!  Magnesium helps you, huh?  I hear a lot about that.
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Hello~I have had something similar, but it turned out to be a pimple that had not surfaced yet, when it did, the pain went away.
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