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Paranoid About Gram Positive Cocci in Urethral Swab... Please help me :(

Good day! I am 29 yrs old Filipino. I am bi but since 2008, I've had no sexual activity since I am busy in school and work. Also, I am aware of STDs since I had in 2007 and when I was treated, it became a lesson to me and decided to just abstain.

Last July 10, 2011, I was drunk and had sex with a 22 yr. old bottom guy I don't know much. He did oral to me and I had penetrated sex with him but I wear condom and I believe that I know how to use it right.

After a week, I felt something weird during urination like I always wanted to pee and the tip of my penis had a little pain occasionally but tolerable. I had no discharge. And I started to become paranoid thinking that I might have gonorrhea. So, last July 23, I went to VD/STD Clinic and had urinalysis and urethral swab. My urinalysis only reflected that I had 0.3+ protein but no puss while my gram stain resulted that I had gram positive cocci (I think it's in singles as far as I remember) and as for wbc, there's a note like this ---> wbc (?). The doctor told me that its an early gonorrhea and subsequently I had injected with ceftriaxone, doxycycline and norfloxacin and took 2 capsules everyday. After a week, I came back to recheck it, and everything is clear. No organisms in gram stain and had traces only in protein. I believe I am OK now.

But I am quite curious whether it is really early gonorrhea or just UTI. As I browsed the net and read some articles, I have learned that gonorrhea is not gram positive cocci, it is gram negative. Prior to my sexual contact, I experienced a little similar to that like a little difficulty in urinating because I don't drink much water and I took a lot of supplements in the gym like creatine wherein I only learned lately that it can affect your kidneys or can cause UTI. Plus, the VD/STD Clinic has an image that they always want money from their patients or something.

I know that its not that big deal because I am Ok now but I am just curious about the real answer. As I have learned, if it is gonorrhea, I also have to test for HIV because gonorrhea and HIV are associated? It is according to the VD/STD Clinic. Is 3 months HIV testing conclusive? or 6 months? I wish it is not gonorrhea.

I wish professional doctors would help me. I want to be enlightened and have peace of mind. I am scared of STDs and HIV things. I can't concentrate in my study and work. I even cried one night  alone thinking deep about these things in my head.

To doctors/medical professionals who would help me here, my sincerest thanks in advance and may God bless you.

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I am sorry that you are going through this. To the best of my knowledge, the 3 month HIV test is supposed to be conclusive.

You may want to let the one night stand know (if you see him again) that you were treated so he can get checked also.
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go get retested again and make sure the strain is dead.
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thanks for ur comment my frend im just paranoid :(

@Brandywinne: i was retested after a week of injection and daily capsules i took, and the result is no organisms in gram strain and just traces if protein.
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