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Parasethia, muscle twitching, and eye muscle movement problems?

Hello there. I have been really struggling for a little over a year now and unfortunately feel like any diagnosis is being delayed based off of unfortunate stigma that I sometimes recieved based on past psych and addiction history. Key word....PAST.  I am a 28 year old woman and for the first time in my life things have been stable for some time now. My dad's side of the family has several relatives with MS including my father. I have had the diagnosis of fibromyalgia since age 12. I started developing some strange symptoms about a year ago. Alot of doctors say perhaps it is stress or some relation to me coming on and off of certain medications that I wasnt even on for the whole year plus that this has been going on. When this started I had many great things happening in my life and stress wasnt affecting me then. And I have had several psych evals that the doctors didnt even think I was bipolar anymore and that stress was not causing these health problems. Every single night when I go to bed I get repetitive muscle twitching that can range from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I have videos of this. I feel strange sensations that has been labeled as parasethsia. Anything from pins and needles, to creeping/crawling type sensations, to a feather dusting on my skin, to electric sparks, to bug bite type pin prick sensations. There's periods of time these things are minor and times they are bothersome. The worse is when I feel something tickling my face. But the only thing that seems to really transition this from a possible mental health issue to a medical related issue in my opinion is the eye issue. Mostly if I am tired but recently it happened all day long. I will have an eye go outwards with the eye lid drooping. Then they kind of both wander in all sorts of strange directions. I dont notice. All I see is blurred vision with eye strain. I try to refocus my vision, which it will for a second and then starts up all over again. I also have floaters that are new but not sure if they are related as I have had eye migraines (then lights in vision. Now its black dots) after a head injury when I was 17. Also, my neurologist told me to try ice/cold compress on my eye as a "home test" since he was telling me to go to optomologist and I told him that's who sent me here. Well, much to my surprise the ice worked instantaniously. Of course I googled why and found that it is in fact a muscle movement problem. After that research and family history, I am concerned of two things. MS or some form of myasthenia gravis (may be spelled wrong). I dont know if there is anything else out there with these symptoms but I always have muscle tightness and joint pain. Can anyone please tell me what could be going on here? Please?
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Thank you everyone. I appreciate everyone's input. I actually have had some movement in my situation. The specialists are looking at mostly myasthenia gravis or possibly m.s.
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Hi there.  Glad you are here.  So, you know, I also have twitching but for me it has to do with two things, too much caffeine earlier in the day and stress. However, you are right, there are more serious ailments that can cause this.  My twitching is just around my eye and yours is more invasive too.

It sounds like you have been through the ringer over the years and I want to say that I'm so glad you are doing well now or at least much better.  I don't think things like  bipolar go away but it sounds controlled along with other issues and that is fantastic. I'm so thrilled for you that the addiction is also under control. I agree that once you've got psych issues and addiction in your medical file, you are not always treated the way you should be and things are chalked up to that rather than looking or new reasons. I'm sorry if you are experiencing that.  

So, you've worked with a neurologist. That's who I'd have sent you to.  And if you've just talked to them but not been examined, I would think I'd go back.  Muscular twitching can be caused by Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also sometimes called Lou Gehrig disease.
Neuropathy or damage to the nerve that leads to a muscle.
Spinal muscular atrophy.
Weak muscles (myopathy).
Hate to lay it out that way, but that's a list I have.
Now, you CAN also have twitching with anxiety, don't forget.

But if you also fear MS, a neurologist would be the person to begin looking for that.  

Here are the signs of MS https://www.webmd.com/multiple-sclerosis/multiple-sclerosis-symptoms#1

You might also post in the medhelp neurology community for answers.  But would love to help support you through this!  I'm again, so happy you are doing well these days and want to see you remain so! hugs
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Hello~I would certainly give a good chiropractor a try, you may very well have some pinched nerves causing these issues. The chiro will take some x-rays, study then and then go over the results with you. After a few treatments, you should start to feel better. The reason I am suggesting a chiropractor is because you have been to your GP, neurologist and other doctors and so far, none have been able to really help, so, maybe the chiro will be your answer.
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