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Men, like me, are always being fussed at for neglecting our health.  I'm certainly no exception.  I'm 37 and I've had a few issues that probably need a specialist but I decided to get a physical exam, a check up, at a general practitioner's office beforehand, especially since I have never had one.  But the experience was not a good one.  First, the doctor was not even in, a fact that was never mentioned.  I saw a nurse practitioner, who talked with me for five minutes and said I should see a specialist.  But she did nothing else!  There was no exam at all, no blood test, urine test, etc., to check for anything else, which is what I thought I paid for.  I guess I looked okay to her!  I would say that maybe she could see it in my eyes that I was healthy but since she didn't look in my eyes that possibility is out!  I had already paid the $90 fee before I went to the exam room.  Ninety bucks for an uninsured grad student!  I just got up and left without saying much.  What should I have done?  Maybe I'm over-reacting but when you pay for care, I think you should get it!
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Yeah I should have complained I guess.  I'm just not a confrontational guy.  I did complain publicly on some local forums where I live, so who knows what will happen and I may call up the doctor soon and get her take.  But you are right, a specialist visit would be about $200, not counting tests they WILL do.  I just thought a check up might find something else causing it and might keep me out of a specialist's office.
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if I paid 90 dollars I would have said I came here for a physical for blood work urine check the whole thing not for a 5 minute therapy session telling to me to go see a specialist whole will cost more than this visit or you can give my $90 back that's just me. It makes me so mad for stuff like that to happen
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Thanks Gymdandee!  Yeah I thought about calling when the doctor was in and speaking to her about it.  I mean I don't think I'm overly upset.  After we spoke about my specifics, the nurse asked me if I had any "other concerns."  Any other concerns?  How the heck should I know?  I thought that was the reason I was there!  I'm not clairvoyant!  I said no I just needed a check up!  Doctors say to get regular check ups and not wait until something comes up!  I guess they don't think that way at their clinic!
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I would call the doctors office and speak to the doctor and ask for a refund or an exam by the doctor. If that doesn't help tell the doctor you're filling a complaint with your state medical board
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