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Please Help, abnormal bleeding and abdominal pain

My periods from May Until now have been 1 week early to 1 week late. My Period for December was extremely heavy and I was bleeding from the beginning of December until January 9th off and on. I have Really bad cramping, I've been sick to my stomach and have even thrown up a few times. The pain gets worse as well as the bleeding during and after sex. The cramping also gets worse when I have a full bladder or have to have a BM. I have had my kidney, liver and gallbladder levels checked, as well as my thyroid and all was normal. Also had a pregnancy test and an exam to check for pulps. All was normal. I just had an ultra sound done today and should know the results in a day or so. My doctor just put me on a medication called Provera to help with my bleeding. Which has helped but i still have very light spotting from time to time.

My history: 3 c sections along with a tubal on my last c section. and 1 DNC. I have a history of bladder, kidney and UTI infections. I also have a Rare disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which is a brital bone disease but also effects other things.

This morning I woke up with very bad cramping and when I went to the bathroom, I had A LOT of black/or very dark brown discharge, it was almost period flow ( thats how heavy it was ) and my stomach is still cramping bad and the discharge is still there.
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go back to the dr.. if the vaginal discharge is that dark i would be concerned about infection. if your stool is black however that is usualy an indicator of internal bleeding in the gi tract which is very serious. have they check your clotting factors? you may have a bleeding disorder like itp where you dont make enough platlets to control bleeding and this can be deadly..you may also have a bleeding stomach or intestinal ulcer also very serious.
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Thank you..But no I mentioned everything that was check.. and now The Provera is no longer working.. I am still bleedeing..and a very heavy flow.. I called my doctor and explained to her that It was working for the first week I took it and also explained to her about the black discharge (or old blood) And she said that the Provera is probably taking longer than usual to take effect and told me to continue taking it and keep my appointment with her February 16.

I also read somewhere that if you have abnormal bleeding and the doctor cannot figure out why, NOT to take Provera??
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Hun it sounds like you have endometriosis.  I have that and it spread to my bladder and kidneys.  I would get bad and i mean bad UTI's I had loose stool, vomiting, painful sex, heavy bleeding.  That Provera is a birth control right?  If that is the case it might be good that you are on it. It sounds like your doctor is on the right track.  One test you can have them do is a biopsy of your endometrium.  Its just when they take a sample of the lining of your uterous. But Endo can spread to other organs in your body and it can go to your colon and everything but have them check you for that you might be surprised on what they find.  Im not a doctor I just had the same symptoms and I had the surgery to have the problem fixed.  If you have any questions for me please let me know I hope I helped
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Provera is a progesterone. But yeah everyone keeps telling me that they think its endometriosis. I'll have to talk to her about getting the biopsy. How do I get rid of it if that's what it is? I was told that the sure way to get rid of it is a hysterectomy???
Ive also had about 5 kidney infections since april.. the most recent one i was hospitalized for.. I never know when I have a UTI I guess from the nerve damage from c sections? soo It just moves onto my kidneys. I had no idea that it could cause that too.
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good point i didnt even think of that one.... now that you mention it that does sound simular to what was happening to a friend of mine.

i think the main course of treatment is hormones and nsaids... to shrink it and reduce pain... if that doesnt work or if it has scared other organs they may have to remove the damaged tissue laprascopicly... a hysterectomy seems to be the last resort if it cant be solved.
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they do a laprascopic surgery to remove the endo from whatever organs it might have spread to.  They do one incision by your belly button and one by your pelvic region and they burn the endo off of where ever you have endo.  The surgery is usually outpatient and the pain isn't too bad I healed within a week or so but endo does come back so make sure you follow your doctors orders and keep taking birth control.  All endo is is dead tissue but it spreads and can cause infections I kept getting severe bladder and kidney infections if you had a c section, it might be a combination of things.  Scar tissue damage and endo so make sure you ask about the biopsy that will usually tell if you have it.  Also you might have cysts on your overies as well.
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They wont do a hysterectomy because of endo.  Most doctors will tell you no my mother is 51 years old and already starting menopause, she has cysts the size of golfballs on her overies and they still wont do a hysterectomy on her.  If you are still of child bearing age, they try to avoid that as much as possible.  The only way they will do a hysterectomy is if your are at very high risk of cancer if they don't remove your reproductive organs.  I am 28 years old I had the very simple surgery and I have not gotten it back and I had the surgery when I was 24.  But you need to err on the side of caution and take the birth control because that keeps the endo at bay and it keeps it from coming back.  I would consider the depo prevera shot.  I had that after my surgery and I didnt get a period for 3 months you just have to go back every 3 months to get the shot.  The shot is not for everyone but I would recommend it if you get the surgery for the endo because then you wont have to take birth control every day.
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OK, Thank you Emmie, I'll be sure to ask for the test next time I see her. :)
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You are very welcome
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