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Please help shaky and fatigued

Hello. I'm Logan. 19 years old and male about 165 pounds. Two thursdays ago, out of nowhere while I was standing I just fainted and fell over. It was terrifying and I took a blow to the back of my head of which I have two staples in now. On the way to the hospital I was shaking uncontrollably and extremely dizzy. They took many tests including a cat scan, an ultrasound of my heart. They hooked me up to a monitor and also checked my thyroid and everything else. It all turned up fine. My heart rate was slow (40), but that was because I am young and usually run everyday for about 4 miles. Then when I returned home I was fine. A few days ago I went for a two mile walk before bed. That night I woke up shaking uncontrollably and felt very lightheaded and scared. I went to the hospital and they admitted me. My hands were tightened up like a claw and I was feeling very numb. Eventually I felt better and they put me on a heart monitor over night. Everything was fine (my blood pressure, pulse, thyroid and all). The next day I was feeling good even walking around my hospital room. Then it was time to go home and I started to feel weird. I could barely walk to the car and make it home. Once I got home I went straight up to my bed and laid there ALL DAY. I felt too shaky and fatigued to move. Then it was night time and I really wasn't feeling good so my Grandma rushed over with her blood sugar tester. Turns out it went down to 26 (highly dangerous). So I quickly ate a bunch of sugar and stuff, got my level up to 100 and felt a little better. The next day I then was weak and lied down the whole day but felt a little better. That night though I woke up shaking a little in my sleep, but then I fell back asleep again. Then yesterday I felt the same. A little weak with minor symptoms but a little better and then that night i slept without shaking at all. However today I felt okay, but a little strange and then at about 3 I stood up and couldn't hear from my right ear for a second and a long beep sound followed that and I could hear again. Soon after that though I felt shaky and weak and about to lose control again so I lied down right away. (keep in mind I've been pretty much not moving at all for days). I took my blood pressure, pulse, and blood sugar and all of that is normal. I'm feeling okay... now, but not completely. I feel like if I stand up for too long my heart will beat harder and I'll feel dizzy and weak. Doctors don't know what's going on... any ideas? I'm really scared. (i quit smoking a month ago and I used to abuse adderall about two years ago but haven't done anything since). I'm drug free smoke free, all my tests are fine and this is still happening to me. I'm hydrated too. What could be wrong? I was thinking maybe an inner ear infection? (my inner right ear itches sometimes, the one i lost hearing in today). Also a spot on my penis itches a lot sometimes and my anus but it's been there forever and not veyr serious. I itch it and it feels really could. These could all be disconnected but i'm just trying to list everything. Help please. I will answer all your questions.
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Rather than have a blood test to check for diabetes, you may be better off having a glucose tolerant test.  

It does appear that the shakiness and feeling faint and dizzy is a sign of low sugar levels.  This is called hypoglycaemia and you do not have to be classed as a diabetic to suffer from this.  The important thing is to make sure you eat little and often so that your sugar levels do not drop so low.  Also make sure that you are drinking enough water.

It is a good idea that your cardiologist is checking your heart for abnormalities.

The ear popping sounds like you have congestion and it would be worth having your ears checked out.  Ear problems can make you feel sick and dizzy too.  If the doctor finds that you have an infection, he will prescribe an antibiotic or ear drops.  If you have a viral infection then antibiotics will not help.  Your doctor can also prescribe medication for the dizzy spells if he feels that this will help.  But first you need to get checked out for any bacterial or virus infections.

Hope you get sorted out soon.
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Thank you for your post! In the hospital it even went down to like 37 and all the cardiologists and nurses said it was normal and okay because of my age and how I exercise. Also my blood pressure is usually normal and not too low at all. Thank you so much for sending a notice. That is so remarkable to me that a stranger would do that. Thank you thank you thank you. I'm also visiting a doctor today, so I'm writing down all of my responses I get to give to him. Happy (belated) mother's day to you as well!
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Unless I overlooked you mentioned a specific HR only once, a HR of 40.  This is low even for an athletic person, some have no negative side effects, other get dizzy and can even faint.  A low HR coupled with a low blood pressure will increase dizziness.  

I do not know how to interpret your grandmothers (happy mothers day to her and your mom) blood sugar test, seems it indicated an out-of-bounds result.  

You may do better with the post on some other forum given there are no heart issues other than an unusually low HR.

I'll send a notice to the forum management asking if they have a recommendation on a better place to post your problem.
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Thanks so much for responding. However, I believe I was tested for diabetes in the hospital and it turned out negative. And yes a cardiologist talked with me and they had an ultrasound on my heart and monitored it for a night. They want to put a holter monitor on me and do a stress test, but my question is: for those tests you need to a) go about your normal business so they discover it and b) walk or run on a treadmill for how long, so how am I supposed to do either when I can't even stand long enough to take a shower before my heart starts pounding harder and I feel faint? I will mention my "tilt" though when I see another doctor.
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See a ep this stuff happens to me to and my tilt came back positive.
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You kinda sound like you have diabetes not to scare you. But my brother was the same way when he got low. I'd keep checking this for a few days when you feel weird they take a bit to figure things out. Your heart rate is kinda low did they send you to a cardiologist?
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