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Please help!!!

After 5 years of not being able to see a doctor. I finally went to a new one, as I moved to a different state. I explained her all my symptoms that have been coming and going over the last few years, which are as follows: often headaches, sharp stabbing pains in different parts of my body that last only a few seconds but can happen multiple times a day, tunnel vision which leads to loss of vision for a few seconds, dizziness, nausea, constant sweating, cannot sleep through the night, loss of balance, blacked out a few times to the point where I hit the floor, unintentional weight loss (went from 121 to 115 in a week). She immediately started tests. First was blood test, then a CT scan, then a 3 day ambulatory EEG/EKG, and now she wants me to do a 2 day echo exam with holter monitor; since the previous tests came back "negative." She does not explain to me what negative means, what they were looking for, or what she expects the next test to show that the previous one didn't.  Can someone please tell me if I am going down the right track with getting this next test or if it is time to find a new doctor???
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It is your decision what you decide to do, but personally I would stick with this doctor.  She is trying to find out what has been or still is, the cause of your symptoms.  Some cases are very simple and the doctor will know what the matter is.  Other times there may be a few things that could be not right and it is usually by way of testing and examining things to find the root of the problem.

Negative means that no problem was found.

The echo scan and the holter monitor may pick something up that the other tests didn't.  

I would be very happy if my doctor sent me for tests to try and find out what the underlying problem is and even happier if the results came back negative.  Obviously that would still be worrying not knowing what was causing the symptoms.

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Your doctor is trying very hard to find the cause of your problems. Starting with simple tests, she rules out all kind of causes, then digging deeper until she will (hopefully quickly) finds the real cause of your problems.
If, during a visit, she tells you something that you do not understand, do not hesitate to ask her to clarify. Sometimes doctors do not realize that they are talking abacadabra for the patient. They are very willing to explain.
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be patient but be open because it can be 1 or more problems. take as many test as needed. only have one life. it seems like nerve damage and that is very hard to detect the areas
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Thanks to all who have answered, I will continue with my current doctor for now and appreciate the advice
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