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Popping Sensation Under Lower Left Ribcage

I am a 26 year old female, 5'7", 135lbs, no children, moderately active, no known trauma. For several years now I have had this uncomfortable feeling on my lower left rib cage. when I am laying on my right hand side I can feel a popping sensation with every expansion and contraction of my left lung. You can hold your hand on my rib cage and it actually feels like a small thumping from the outside. I also get the thumping sensation randomly when I'm slouched a little and turn my torso to the left a bit (say for instance if I am looking over my left shoulder to change lanes). The sensation seems to my more prominent when  am laying down, especially if I have a full stomach, its not painful as much as it is uncomfortable and irritating. Every now and then there is a sharp pain in that region, but it is not that common (maybe 5-8 times per month).There is also a dull ache/tenderness a few times a month as well. I have asked my doctor about it and she seems clueless.
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I accidentally put laying on the right hand side, but I meant left hand side - the same side with the popping. Where is no popping sensation if i lay on my back, stomach or right hand side.
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Chostochondritis. Google it. match up the symptoms, then rule it out.

go read the "what could it be" thread on the first page on general health.

i mentioned it to another person not too long ago.
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I'm 16 years old weight 97 pounds & am 5'2. I have this same problem & I've had for as long as I can remember but mine only pops like that when I'm laying on my back & on my right side. I've talked to my mom & she said its nothing. I have a doctors apointment in a month but I can't stop wondering if anyone already knows what it is.
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