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Possible whiplash how to proceed

I believe I have suffered a minor/moderate case of whiplash as a result of a "altercation". The pain is dull and moderate with no tingling in the arms or in the back although it's been several hours only. :/

Should I give it a few days and then just head to the ER, or to my local docs? Local docs can probably arrange a treatment plan, ER would be more specific.

Or for other sufferers of this how did you proceed.
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I have had whiplash from a car accident, and my doctor sent me for physical therapy within a very short time after the accident (like, less than 3 days). It makes a difference because even if you are doing exercises (which at that point are just simple movements) when you still hurt from the trauma, they keep things from stiffening up and suddenly being unusable after 6 weeks. See your regular doctor and ask for a referral.
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Is whiplash in itself something that I should should be very concerned about or have concerns over lasting damage? Woke up today with a headache, neck is still stiff, balance issues slight sickness etc. I feel it will get worse before it gets better. Docs are shut for another two days I'll probably just use head and neck support.
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Hello~I would certainly see your GP, you don't want any of your symptoms to get worse.

As to a chiropractor, I see one and he helps immensely. He has taken x-rays and looked at them and definitely adjusted differently after seeing what areas need the most attention. I guess all are different however, but all of mine have been good and used the x-rays to a good advantage.

I hope you feel better soon. Whiplashes are no fun.
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What I mean is, sure, it might direct them to a certain location.  Didn't mean to say that isn't true.  But they would know that anyway by you reporting your trouble areas.  What I meant was, the adjustments they do are the same for all patients and all chiros and only differ in the intensity they apply, which can be very important as gentle is usually better and rough can cause more harm.  So a neck adjustment is always the same neck adjustment.  They are all taught the exact same stuff in school, and while many take short courses in lots of things after graduation they are basically only well-trained to do chiropractic.  I've seen several, and sometimes it has helped a lot and sometimes it hasn't and sometimes they have learned other things that are more helpful than what they learned in school but again, the actual adjustments are the same.  Peace.
And as it's an art form rather than a proven medical technique, as is also true with massage and many other things, find the true artist and stay away from the guy who can't draw.  
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I agree that your primary is a great place to start. I've also had whiplash and it can feel like something you can deal with early on, those injuries can linger for years. Maybe even forever. Soft tissue injuries are problematic. It definitely can last and a neck injury can come back to haunt you.  It becomes 'that place' where you flare with pain every time you are tense.  Physical therapy is definitely something I'd consider.  Chiropractor can be helpful. They often do prescribe muscle relaxers for discomfort right after the accident. An ER could do that or an urgent care if you say docs are currently unavailable.  But I'd consider taking care of this as a preventative step.  I had an accident years ago that I feel the ramifications for frequently in headaches and stiffness in that area.  Wish I'd done more when it happened but it is easy to blow off. Don't blow it off.  
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I'm with Rox on this.  But I'm also not sure what you are describing is what whiplash feels like.  Whiplash is just stiffness and pain.  You're describing what might be concussion symptoms.  Docs are not good at dealing with this kind of thing, frankly.  I was a passenger in a car that was rear-ended many years ago by a drunk driver.  We were stopped at a red light, and the drunk used us as his brake, essentially, and the seat I was in broke so I did a pretty big back and forth.  We went to the ER and they did the X-rays, told us nothing was broken, we'd be fine, we'd hurt for a few days, and then everything would be fine.  A couple decades later or so I saw a chiropractor for lower back pain -- didn't do anything for the pain so there's that -- but he took X-rays, which chiros don't actually use for anything but to charge us more money as they do the same adjustments no matter what we have wrong with us so most chiros don't use them -- but he did see that I had some problems around my neck that were going to be a big problem down the road.  Which they have proven to be.  So the lesson is, doctors should always send us to someone who can deal with inflammation before it becomes a permanent problem down the road, whether that be a massage therapist, chiro, or PT.  Just something that keeps the area moving and supple.  But in your case, yes, you need to see someone who has an X-ray machine and might need an MRI but you need a diagnosis since you're describing some things that go beyond whiplash.  And if it is just whiplash, then go see someone who can make sure the inflammation isn't locked into place by the body.  Peace.
Oh, I forgot the best part -- the chiro, upon seeing the X-ray, asked me if I was in an auto accident exactly the number of years ago I was in that one.  That was pretty impressive.
:/ It does feel like mild concussion symptoms which worries me a bit but again like guitar said it also feels like something I can deal with early on. The altercation involved my head getting pushed down from the back or something similar to a headlock... Thankfully there was no blunt impact or anything :/

Also funny guess about that chiro thing paxiled.
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