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Problem motor skills and muscles. What is this?

Ever since I was little I've had the same range of motion as a person who is around the age of 60. I've tried stretching, but if I stop for 2 weeks I'm right back to where I've started. Currently if I try to touch my toes, I get half way down my calf, but it hurts a lot to try. Every day feels like I just did an intense workout the day before.

I've been tested for rheuma, but that was negative. Most of my pain is around the neck. I stretch it out about every ten minutes. Any type of stress will instantly tighten it making it feel like someone is trying to choke me. Rarely I'll have a little trouble breathing from the muscles in the front of my neck and chest muscles tightening, especially after sneezing. But that's partial to blame from my asthma. Some times I'll randomly lose my balance or drop what's in my hand, even when standing still. I give my girlfriend a back rub twice a week, and used to be to give me one for 15 minutes no problem, but now after a few minutes, I have to use my other arm to support it up.

I've been to several doctors over this issue. I've had a ton of blood work done. I had an MRI scan done on my sinuses when I was 16. Three times they have found to little vitamin D. I try my best to get sunlight, drink whole milk and eat cheese with vitamin D in it. But I haven't notice any difference.

I've learned to live with this, but I've been noticing that's my problems are starting to occur more often. About once a month, usually in a stressful situation, I'll suddenly feel very tired and lose the ability to keep my balance, stay focused, and form sentences. This can last for 15 minutes to 6 hours, but oddly I don't feel dizzy. I've been sent home from work 4 times this year, because they felt it would be unsafe for me to keep working. I'm worried about what might happen if I get this when driving on the highway.

I've lost about 25 pounds in the last 4 month by exercising. Though I haven't exercised in the last month. I started drinking 2 liters of water a day, and limit myself to a can or two pops a day. I seem to sweat less than I used to, but I always dehydrated and my skin peels on my hands and feet. I also smoke less than I used to. I feel like I have more energy than I did before, but the pain, swelling, and stiffness has remained the same.
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Although you do not have rheumatoid arthritis, you may have osteoarthritis.  Although this is normally regarded as a condition older people get, young people can still get it too.

If you have not had your bones looked at by xrays or different imaging, then it may be a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor to get this done.  

With regard to your neck problem, this may be to do with changes in the cervical area and an image of that area would show what is going on.  Neck problems can also occur from tension and bad posture whilst sitting at a computer work station or from repetitive work.

Balance issues and your hand problem can also be related to spinal problems and compression of nerves.  Nerve conduction tests on your hands would show whether there is any compression in the carpal tunnel, or whether your hand problem is due to other cause.  Repetitive work can cause hand and neck problems.  This is usually referred to Upper Limb Disorder.  

You do need to get back to your doctor with all these new symptoms to get a correct diagnose.

Best wishes.
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I would certainly see a chiropractor for these issues, especially since you have seen other doctors and they can not seem to help. If you have misplaced vertebrae or pinched nerves, you will have some of the issues you are describing.
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while this sounds like it could be ostioarthritis it could also be a problem with your nervious system. I was woundering if you ever  have reduced sence of touch or spontainious numbness. if you do I would recomend going to your local
general practiconer and asking about conditions that affect the nervious system.
however I would arange to get an X-ray just to cheak for osteoarthritis.
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