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Quality of life is becoming very poor

History:I have had GERD since about 2009, I was treating it with Prilosec, over the years I have had my dosage increased, increased again, then told to start taking it twice a day, now they have switched me to Nexium.  In 2013 I had trouble swallowing food-bread was the worst.  I had an endoscopy and they found chronic gastritis, abnormal mucosa and esophaegeal stricture, which they dilated, 6 months later I had to have it dilated again. I had another endoscopy in July 2017 and the gastritis was gone and I no longer had a stricture.

Current problem:  I still have heartburn and indigestion, but since October 2016, I have been having a pain in my stomach right in the  top center, it's a very intense pressure feeling as though I just did 200 situps, but it is pretty constant.  I am also bloated from about an hour after I wake up until I go to bed, I have had people ask if I am pregnant.  I get full quickly, yet I have been gaining weight, aside from when I had my son in 2004, I have been about 120-125 my whole adult life and now I am 150-155.   This is very embarassing, but I cannot stop burping either, I cannot even go 20 minutes without burping, very loudly at that.  My stomach grumbles and growls all day long, sometimes it sounds like a dinosaur roaring and one time a coworker even asked if that was thunder outside.

I went to the doctor in October, he thought it was gallstones, I had an ultrasound of the galbladder, liver & pancreas, everything was normal.  Blood tests were normal other than one time I had a high blood count, but it went back to normal when it was rechecked.  I have had low vitamin B12 and D for the last 2 years.  I have also recently had low folate and iron.  I went back to the doctor in February, they changed my medication and said it was a gastritis flare up, well I have had gastritis for a while and never had these additional symptoms, just the same ones I had for GERD.  The new medicine is not helping any and I am miserable.  I hate to wake up in the morning because I am constantly in pain and uncomfortable and I hate going to work because of the burping and how I feel.  I am out of breath all of the time. The other day I also had a very intense chest pain that was a constricting feeling.  I get heart burn all the time, but never that intense and this felt different.

I tried a 2 week eliminate all fats diet, I tried 2 weeks with no dairy, 2 weeks with no sugar.  I take vitamins and probiotics.  I have tried gas-x and lactaid, no help from either. My GI doctor suggested FD Guard, no help there, so he put me on an anti-depressant saying I just have a sensitive stomach, no surprise, but that was no help either.

I have read something recently saying that a deviated septum could cause GI problems, it didn't go into a whole lot of detail and I am not sure how common this is, but I am trying to explore any other options to resolve this.  I have been told that I have a deviated septum a while back, my nose is constantly stuffy and has been for about 3-4 years and I frequently get post nasal drip.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
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Hello~You said you have seen your GP and a gastroenterologist. Also, I highly suggest seeing your gyn if you have one, you should have a pelvic ultra-sound to rule out any issues related to the ovaries or other female organs as some issues with these organs can definitely cause the problems you re having.
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I'm so sorry, I am just seeing your message, I didn't get an e-mail that I had a response.  I did have a pelvic ultra sound done 2 years ago, nothing looked abnormal, but I may ask for another one to see if anything has changed.  Thank you so much for your response!
Hi, check your settings to make sure you are set up for it or if it went to spam?
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Oh my gosh, what a history.  I'm sorry to read all that as you have 'been through the ringer'!  I'm sure you are frustrated and fed up!!  Don't blame you.  

So, what to do next?  You've tried a lot of things and had advice from various doctors.  I would continue to be a squeaky wheel with those doctors not letting this go.  If they don't know then turn your case into a medical mystery they work on with their colleagues!  I'd up your specialist situation and if you have a university near you, see a doctor at the associated hospital.  I say this because teaching hospitals will dive into a 'project' such as your health has become to resolve!  

Sassielassie refers to seeing your ob/gyn.  So, I also think that is a good idea.  What I'd be concerned about is that ascites can cause the issues you are having. I can't imagine a health care provider would see you and not realize this if it was the case though.  So, it is a long shot but you would want to make sure all is well with your ovaries, uterus and reproductive tract. I'm sure you know what ascites is but it is fluid accumulation often associated with cancer somewhere in the body. My mother in law had ovarian cancer and her issues were gastrointestinal in nature and then the big accumulation of a belly from ascites.  Those were her symptoms before diagnosis. That is NOT to scare you. She was a woman in her 70's and you are a young woman which makes cancer unlikely. But you do want to meet with your ob/gyn just to make sure.

I had thought gallbladder issues too--  but they have ruled that out you say?
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Sorry, I didn't get an email saying I had a response, so I am just seeing this.  I did have a pelvic ultrasound done about 2 years ago and nothing looked abnormal, my obgyn is aware of my stomach issues and she did not feel that it was related to any ovarian or uterus problems.

The teaching hospital is a great idea, I will see if I can get in there.  

My sister thought it could be ascites as well, but she said I am not quite as noticeably bloated as she would expect with that and she also felt like the doctors would have caught that.

I'm going to change my GP to see if I get any new ideas, I feel like both my GI & GP just try to rush me out of there and don't take what I say too seriously, I kind of get it bloating, stomach noises and belching doesn't sound so horrible IF IT WAS NOT CONSTANT, but I never get enough time with them to explain the extent of everything and it just seems to get worse and worse as time goes on.  I dread waking up in the morning and having to worry about what noises my coworkers are going to hear today and how much I am going to hurt when I eat what would just be a snack to most people, if I eat a full meal, I will hurt pretty badly for days.  I will ask the new doctor if it could be ascites when I go.

Thank you so much for your response.
I absolutely think further evaluation is warranted with your symptoms!  Some doctors will just throw up their hands because it is not a cut and dry case and that is unfortunate.  They write off things while missing clues that something else is going on.  

I agree with your sister.  It would be odd that they would miss things like ascites but you want to make sure. If they are trying to poo poo your concerns, they may not be thinking along those serious lines to investigate.  

A full physical would make total sense.  Is there a hospital hear you for a good GI evaluation?
'teaching hospital'
Yes, it is very unfortunate that some doctors give up so easily.

Yes, I have several hospitals nearby, I will see what they can do for a GI evaluation.  I have had several endoscopies, but I am curious to see if there is a test they can do to see if I am digesting food properly.

Thank you for your response!!
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I think it is a good idea to go ahead and ask for another one.  You are being proactive and that is reasonable at this point!
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Update: I went back to my primary care doctor, he sent me for a HIDA scan, my ejection fraction rate is 92%, normal is above 35 I believe, so my gallbladder seems to be functioning well, he sent me to a surgeon for a consultation to discuss scar tissue removal.  I had the consultation today and they do not think it is scar tissue, they recommend removing the gallbladder, but they are not confident that it will solve my problem, because it is not classic gallbladder symptoms...I'm thinking about seeing an ENT about fixing the deviated septum in case the aerophagia is causing my problems, I just do not feel comfortable removing my gallbladder without more confidence that it will help.
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