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Radiating pain

In the last few weeks, I have been experiencing a sharp, throbbing pain. It radiates up the back of my head, behind the right ear and into the temple. It's so sharp that I can't tell if its in the brain or just below the skin. I have tried muscle relaxers, heat, ice, and rest. Sound doesn't seem to trigger it as much as movement. Should I be worried?
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Hi ChiefyMcChiefChief,

I would have it checked out with your regular family doctor. Anything involving pain in your head, particularly radiating pain needs to be investigated by a professional. You say you've tried muscle relaxers, heat,
ice and rest. I'd make an appointment with your doctor. Let your doctor
tell you what he or she thinks is going on.  Better to be safe. Good luck.
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Hi have you had your cervical spine checked out. I have severe left sided pain al over my body but the doctor found nerve issues in my neck- which can explain pain in the head as well as the shoulder arm and finger. Im having a series of epidural injections to see if that can help. Do you have any pain in your arm or fingers? Or just your head and back? Feel good!
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The pain is only head and neck. I think it's a pinched nerve in the neck but I have no health insurance and the cost of care is too expensive. I think I'm stuck living with this crippling pain.
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Okay. This makes me feel better at least that the diagnosis is likely on track. It just seemed odd that they wouldn't do an MRI immediately to rule out other things. He will just think this is something he shoudl "tough out"- I am sure he won't consider surgery.
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