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Recent Endosocopy

I recently had an upper endoscopy done and now I am experiencing some weird symptoms. Both of my arms ache from the shoulder down to my hands with some occasional tingling and numbness, my back hurts, my chest hurts and it feels difficult to breathe at times, my heart races if I do anything other than rest, my neck hurts and my head is tender even when I just touch it, I have sharp intermittent pains in my throat and my rib cage aches. All these symptoms have gradually appeared within the past 5 days since my endoscopy. Is it possible I have an infection, or is something else going on? I feel like I need to be seen but am unsure whether or not to go to an Urgent Care or the Emergency Room?? Any advice would be helpful thanks!
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Hard to know for sure, but one thing I would worry about would be a small tear in the esophagus that was caused by the procedure. This could cause air to leak into the chest, causing irritation around the lungs and heart and possibly cause the discomfort you are feeling. Your symptoms don't sound exactly like this, but it is reasonable to be evaluated. Something as simple as a chest xray would be able to show this. It is also reasonable to call the office of the doctor who did the procedure to ask what he/she thinks.
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I am taking some new meds.. but none of my symptoms are side effects that are associated with the medicine besides the racing heart.. but that has been going on prior to the endoscopy but has gotten worse since having the procedure done.. I think I am going to go in and see what they say.. Thanks for the post :)
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I would say either would be okay depending on how bad you feel , are you taking any med that would have side effects ? good idea to have your self checked out ...good luck
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