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Red boil-like thing on my waistline?

I had a pimple that was on my waist which after a few days blew up into this big red swollen pimple like thing. I've had it for maybe 5-6 days now and it's about the size of a quarter. I don't think it's anything like MRSA or anything because my dad said he's had things like this and he also had MRSA but he told me this is nothing like MRSA, seeing as it would've blown up to a bigger size in only a couple of days. He said it might just be an ingrown hair but I'm still worried about it. Any advice on what this could be? It has come to a head and at some points pus has come out on its own, but only a little and it hasn't been much at all.
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I would also like to add that it seemed like I had red marks surrounding the rest of the bump. But since yesterday the red marks are gone and it seems like the only red part is the bump itself
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Ingrown hair is the highest likelihood.  Have you tried draining it on your own?  
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Yes I do get decent amounts of pus and stuff out and it seems like it's going away. Wondering if there's anything I can do to speed it up
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Please keep an eye on it and seek medical care if it does not resolve.  MRSA infections are not all the same.  You very well could have MRSA but a better, stronger immune system than your Dad that is keeping it in check (for now, at least).  If it gets bigger, if the pain gets worse, if you have spreading redness and warmth, if you start feeling sick or develop a fever, you need to get yourself to a doctor or hospital for some urgent medical treatment.  A pimple or boil can turn into an abscess and believe it or not, these infections can also get into your blood which can be life threatening -- keep an eye on this thing and don't hesitate to see a doctor if you are concerned or it persists.  

Since it is going away on its own, the best thing you can do for it is apply warm compresses.  A clean wash cloth (very important not to reuse them without running them through a washing machine with hot water and soap) soaked in comfortably warm/hot water or saline and held against it will increase blood flow to the area and promote both drainage and healing.  Try to keep the area clean, resist the urge to pick or poke (gentle pressure to encourage drainage -- you don't want to damage or harm the skin or tissue any further as this can make thigns worse) and try to keep your underwear/pants from rubbing it as much as possible.

While MRSA is a dangerous bacteria, there are many other bacteria besides MRSA that can get into your blood stream and kill you.  If this isn't resolved in the next few days or it gets worse, it really is important that you get some medical treatment for it.  Sometimes infections like these need to be drained professionally and/or oral antibiotics are necessary for healing.

Good luck!

Hope you feel better!
Hello, I would like to share with you that the one on my waist has gone away. However this past week I was at the beach and in the water a lot and had sand in my suit a lot. I got a decent sized pimple on my knee but it wasn't painful or anything like that and I could Pop it and stuff. I also got one on my shin but it also wasn't painful and I didn't even know it www there. However the day we got back from the beach I got this thing on my butt cheek that is painful and like the one on my stomach. It's painful and red and comes to a head but I was wondering if it could just be from irritation due to sand or sweat?
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