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Red feet, red knees, pains almost every night since 1.5 months ago

Hi, my girlfriend's feet get red almost every night. Its usually one foot, not both. different foot every night. It also get warm. Same happens with knees. She has knee complaints all day almost. Some times the knees also get red and warm. more like a skin rash, but it is inside the knee. Its been two months. Her doctor thought its joints, but the specialist did not find much. we are awaiting results. Could it be circulation? We have no idea. Can you kindly think of something? Thank you.
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Ugh, I feel bad for your girlfriend!  My reading indicates that nerve issues are more likely to cause her symptoms. They call it neuropathic pain and the red color is common.  Let me know what her doctor says.
Thank you so much for your input. We bought some strong B12 pills to test and see if its because of the lack of vitamin B12. B12 is related to nervous system right?
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Hello~You are on the right track by taking the B vitamins, they are the "Nerve vitamins" I would take a good, high-potency complete B complex, it is best to take them all together as they work best instead of taking just one B vitamin, such as B12 alone.

I also suggest seeing a chiropractor, she may have some misplaced vertebrae in her back causing some pain in that one leg, it doesn't always cause pain in both, especially if the pinched nerve is more on one side than the other.

I hope she feels better soon.
Super thanks. This makes much sense. She actually got a b12. I thought B complex must be better. but we did go ahead with just B12. I will get her a complex then. She is also looking into chiro P. Cheers. Have a good weekend.
I hope the complex helps, I know when I take mine, I always feel better. Let us know now the chiropractor appointment goes, a good one is can work wonders.
So here is an update with her situation. She is feeling better now. No pain. The Rheumatologist ordered for blood test, and the result shows low C3 and C4 (compliments). Here is a link to the full test https://ibb.co/chV74dG
The doctor does not find this problematic, but we are worried about lupus. The doctor was unsure and she did find a diagnosys. We are feeling unsure as well. What do yiu recon?  Thank you for your help in advance.
Hello~To be honest, I am not familiar with those blood tests. I am sorry I can not be of more help.
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