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Red sores near bikini line

I have these small reddish sores that weep near my bikini line. Well yesterday after doing a lot of walking I came home a lot and it just appeared because earlier it wasn’t there. I went to a dermatologist earlier last month and she told me I have Intertrigo and gave me nyastine. She pretty much laughed off the notion I had an std. I also been tested for those and herpes test years ago the last time I had unprotected sex. Everything comes back negative. Never had any blisters.This issue only seems to come when I sweat but I’m just paranoid about stds even tho I haven’t had sex in 4 months and always had safe sex. I checked this morning and it seemed to be going away. I was as tho my skin cracked and is flaky around my bikini area but when I sweat it cracks and these sores show up. I’m guessing it’s not herpes right? It tends to heal very fast. My thigh and groin area are to close together due to my extra weight that I know I need to lose. Am I being a bit to dramatic?
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That really does not sound like an STD at all.  Herpes or otherwise.  I think you are on the wrong track worrying about that.  
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Hello~It sounds like a type of fungus to me or irritation from possibly your thighs rubbing together. The nystatin might work, it is an anti-fungal product sold in either pill form, powder form, and I believe a cream. If that doesn't help, try using just plain A&D ointment in that area, or a diaper rash cream, possibly one of these might help to clear up the rash.
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